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eidsvold Fri 13-Jun-03 18:35:38

Just to let you know my old boss called today and they want me back ona one year contract - straight teaching no management repsonsibility (YEH) and we got a call from the nursery we want dd to go to and they have a place for her. What a good end to the week.

That was the best finish to a good day spent in London having lunch with sil and enjoying the fabulous weather.

WideWebWitch Fri 13-Jun-03 18:36:39

Oh congratulations eidsvold, that's lovely after the recent bad interview news. Well done!

ScummyMummy Fri 13-Jun-03 18:37:29

Great news! Well done, you,

doormat Fri 13-Jun-03 18:45:22

Congrats eidsvold, you see Friday the 13th can bring someone good fortune!!!!!

eidsvold Fri 13-Jun-03 21:19:09

thank you .... so two of us off to school in Sept... dd to nursery ( day care) and mummy to high school!!

SoupDragon Fri 13-Jun-03 21:22:23


lou33 Fri 13-Jun-03 21:45:29

Well done!!

tigermoth Sat 14-Jun-03 08:45:09

fantastic news!

fio2 Sat 14-Jun-03 09:39:34

congrats from us

MABS Sat 14-Jun-03 19:02:44


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