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Same Uniform or not? Your invaluable advice please!

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anniebear Mon 04-Jul-05 10:31:34

Grace and Ellie (twins) both start School in September.

Grace will go to mainstream and Ellie SN, she has been going to the early years there for a while now.

Ellie has a full time place at Graces School and will be going for one afternoon a week with a helper in Sep. This will hopefully increase depending on how she gets on.

Graces sweatshirt for School is green and Ellies red.

Do you think I should pack a green sweatshirt for Ellie so her helper can change her before she goes to mainstream? or should I leave her in her red jumper?

I want the teacher to have chat with the other children and try to explain simply about Ellie.

If she goes in the red she will stand out and be different than the others, but then again, she is different than the others.

So would the red sweatshirt make her stand out even more or would it be good for the other children, help them remember that she isn't quite the same as them. Is that good or bad?

I know it all sounds waffly!! and a bit insignificant! Dilemma over sweatshirt colour!!!!

Just don't know what would be best?

What would you do?

Jimjams Mon 04-Jul-05 10:35:14

I'd dress her the same at ms tbh as it only involves a sweatshirt change. I think it could help her as well- green =this shcool, red= this school. At ds1's school they wear different coloured sweatshirts and t shirts for different days of the week- and I think it's a good visual cue. ds1 knows where he's going as soon as his school t shirt goes on- and getting changed will help her cue the transition.

anniebear Mon 04-Jul-05 10:39:25

Brilliant Jimjams, never thought of that, thanks!

Luckily the skirts and t shirts are the same colour!!

mizmiz Mon 04-Jul-05 10:43:58

Yes go for the appropriate sweatshirt for each school and get her to change when she switches.. Fantastic visual prompt,but hey you don't need to be a SALT to know that!

I'm all for school uniforms anyway-really help a child know that it is different from home and time for learning mode.

Hope it goes well for the girls!

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