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does anyone know of a good OT or Physical therapist

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shey Sun 03-Jul-05 21:57:19

We are on the hunt for an OT and a physiotherapist. In desperation we are going to go many out there but I don't want to throw money away and would really like a personal recommendation!

sis Sun 03-Jul-05 22:05:27

Whereabouts in the country are you? We used a lovely woman in central London who lives in South London - she specialises in sensory integration therapy. CAT me if you would like her details.

shey Sun 03-Jul-05 22:10:09

sounds great. I live in London, south east so could be great. I will CAT you (if I can work out what to do)!

heartinthecountry Mon 04-Jul-05 13:59:03

shey - if you find anyone good please let me know! I also live in SE London. whereabouts are you? we are nr greenwich.

shey Mon 04-Jul-05 14:22:19

Hello,heartinthecountry, we are nr dulwich. I will let you know of anyone I find. It has become a real mission!

shey Mon 11-Jul-05 22:03:27

sis, just wanted to say we have rung your suggested OT, she sounds lovely and we are seeing her nextweek. Thanks

av123 Thu 11-Jan-18 06:00:13


Wondered if I could have the name of your physiotherapist?



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