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is this a confirmed diagnosis

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jenk1 Sat 02-Jul-05 22:57:51

hello, ive just joined, i have 2 children michael who is 8 and india who is 14months, michael recently was seen by 2 child psychologists who said they suspect aspergers syndrome, he has also been for psychometric tests, thing is when i have phoned and asked for results or does michael have aspergers they say we are refering him to a specialist unit who deal with autistic children/asperger children, i dont know what this means, has he got aspergers, if 2 psychologists say they think so do i take it that is a diagnosis, can anyone help because i feel in the land of nowhere at the moment

spidermama Sat 02-Jul-05 23:13:09

Hi jenk. I'm sure there are many mumsnetters who know loads about this (I'm not one of them sadly) and will be willing to help but most seem to have gone to bed. Try again during the day or early evening.

Blossomhill Sat 02-Jul-05 23:15:27

Hi Jenk, welcome to mumsnet
I have a 6yr old dd with a language disorder

I would probably just wait and see what they say at the specialist unit. Without knowing too much I think it may be something along those lines if they are referring and 2 psych also think so (obviously I could be very wrong as I know nothing about you or your situation). I would wait for the assessment and then you will know if it is some kind of asd or if they can rule it out.

I know it's hard but hang in there. Once you do know what you are dealing with remember it's not a label but a signpost!

Davros Sun 03-Jul-05 11:59:38

How soon will you get to go to this unit? If its soon then I would also wait but if its ages then you should ask for a referral to Developmental Paediatrician and/or Child Development Centre.

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