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spare Maclaren Major footplate

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Lauree Sat 09-Jan-10 13:12:05

anyone need a maclaren Major footplate -blue, used? or an absorbant piddle pad for the carseat or pushchair ( not used)?

free to good homes!

Lauree Sat 09-Jan-10 13:13:20

the piddle pad is washable.. it's like a little square of towelling with waterproof backing to go on kiddo's seat.

NorthernSky Sat 09-Jan-10 13:18:28

Message withdrawn

NorthernSky Tue 12-Jan-10 21:09:10

Message withdrawn

pandasrus Wed 24-Feb-10 19:31:57

Do you still have the foot plate or has it gone? How much do you want for it and could you post it?

Lauree Sun 07-Mar-10 20:47:21

Hey Pandasrus, I have it still. I'd only charge postage. I reckon it might cost about £4 quid to post. If you send me your address I'll get out for you... if you live in central/ east London yuo might want to pick it up.

Would be very please to see it go to a good home smile

NickyD82 Wed 12-Feb-14 15:41:19

Hiya just joined this and was wondering if u still had ur maclaren major footplate available x

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