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ASD DD - Specialist/ mainstream school recommendations in East Sussex

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Karen9 Wed 06-Jan-10 08:33:37

MY DD is at a mainstream school in Lewes. She has 1:1 supervision but there is very little knowledge of ASD at school. She is excluded from some things because she doesn't like going into the hall (therefore couldn't take part in the Nativity for instance). When her 1:1 is sick, the school struggles to get cover and has on 2 occasions only been able to get cover for her on the 2nd day of absence.
I'd like to know of recommended places within 30 mins drive for my DD. I'm considering Grove Park in Crowborough.
I have a proposed statement to which I'll be asking for loads of amendments, and I'd like to name a school if possible.

sphil Wed 06-Jan-10 13:49:23

We used to live in Lewes but my knowledge is a bit out of date. DS2 was about to start Reception when we moved 2 years ago - he had a place at The Downs (or is it South Downs?) school in Eastbourne which we liked when we visited - but we were concerned as it was a long journey for a 5 year old. DS1 was attending SM school in Lewes at the time which we liked, but they had very little experience of autism.

DS2 now attends a m/s primary in Somerset - they have extensive knowledge of ASD and he is thriving. He would definitely be in special school if the m/s wasn't as clued up as they are.

Karen9 Wed 06-Jan-10 16:29:06

Thank you. It's good to get a reply - this is my first foray into any kind of online thread/ talk stuff and it's good to know it works!
I keep changing my mind - sometimes I think to be schooled within the community with specialist back-up ie SLT, would be best; other times I think she won't be able to fully get involved with the community or a mainstream school until she has some specialist school grounding, at least for 2 or 3 years. At the moment I'm thinking specialist school. I sometimes wonder whether I'm asking for miracles, and whether it doesn't matter where she goes, her progress will be the same.

missmarples Wed 06-Jan-10 19:29:01

Grove Park is good for ASD and has a lot of kids there on the spectrum, as they are now co - located if she is able then there are options to join the mainstream for certain lessons. The navity at christmas was fantastic and i only know of one kid that wasn't really excluded but just did not sit with the class as the environment was too much to cope with. I would certainly give it a look round..... if you want anymore info let me know..... good luck

Karen9 Thu 07-Jan-10 17:19:50

Thank you - I'll be going to see Grove Park and hopefully seeing South Downs in Eastbourne as well. My feeling at the moment is that the school she goes to at the moment will be the best choice only if they get the support they need from the LEA to pay for 1:1 supervision for 100% of the time , and don't end up secretly resenting my DD for causing more work/ taking money allocated elsewhere. It's a good school for NT children and this could be an opportunity for them to get a good reputation for SEN as well. No doubt I'll change my mind tomorrow!

missmarples Thu 07-Jan-10 20:47:11

dont think she will get 1:1 unless she is a danger to the other kids/adults - and a big danger i would say in grove park only about half a dozen kids have 1;1 - the lea won't pay for it either, especially in the special school, the classes are small and they rely on that. if you want more info let me know but i won't put more than that on an open forum...... you need to allow me to email you ?


19Sars75 Tue 09-Aug-16 10:25:31


I have been working with primary aged children who have autism for the past 10 years. Teaching in special schools, departments attached to mainstream schools and most recently leading a large ASD department in Surrey as well as some class teaching. I am relocating to Rye in January and finding it hard to find out if there are mainstream schools with ASD units attached in East Sussex. Also finding a direct telephone number to the SEN team responsible for placing children. If you are able to shed any knowledge on this for me I would be really grateful.
Many thanks.

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