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PeachyClair Thu 30-Jun-05 14:50:24

Have contacted SS re: support for my Aspergers lad and his siblings throughout hols, and for me as I care for them and a VERY depressed dh. Any tips when dealing with them (should they ever return call?)

jayzmummy Thu 30-Jun-05 14:51:49

Peachy....where have you been????? Ive missed all OK???

PeachyClair Thu 30-Jun-05 15:35:17

Hi jayzmummy

Yeah, sorry, needed some time to come to terms with dx, and dh had a bit of a relapse too!.

How goes it with you??? REALLY nice to speak to you again!

jayzmummy Thu 30-Jun-05 16:28:58

I missed you over in A@C...everyone was asking after missed out on the last challenge but it sounds like you have had a few of your own just lately.

I drove through your home town a couple of weeks ago and was thinking about you then.

Coming to terms with the Dx is a toughy..I hope you and DH are getting over the initial sledgehammer in gut feeling and are now feeling more positive about AS.

Glad your back.

PeachyClair Thu 30-Jun-05 17:01:24

Yep we are thanks!

We had a move to contend with too- now in Wales!!! Caerleon, LOVELIEST place on this planet I think!!! And guess what- School is FAB with Sam, really love him and he them

How's the boys??

jayzmummy Thu 30-Jun-05 17:06:53

WOW you have been busy. Shame we never got to get together
So glad the new school is betetr and that Sam is doing well.
My brood are all OK. Still fighting my battles to get J the right placement....nothing new there!!!

Nice to see you back here and I hope someone comes along soon with some help and info re SS.
I called our local dept 4 months ago and was told someone would be in touch.....havent heard a thing.

macwoozy Thu 30-Jun-05 17:17:59

Good luck PeachyClair. I didn't get much luck with them either. Last hols I rang to ask about special needs playschemes/support for my ds, phoned them a couple of times, left my details and they never got back to me

PeachyClair Thu 30-Jun-05 17:24:15

Jayzmummy, down your way in August on hol if you want a meet up? Would be nice!

jayzmummy Thu 30-Jun-05 17:26:46

Definately. Where you staying???

PeachyClair Thu 30-Jun-05 17:28:17

We are goingto Charmouth in August, camping for a week (12th on -), but we can easily get about.

jayzmummy Thu 30-Jun-05 19:01:50

mail me at
my mn user name at yahoo dot co dot uk

PeachyClair Sat 02-Jul-05 18:33:36

I did e-mail you jayzmummy.

Oh if those dates are no good, I'm doing the Somerset / Devon carnivals again with the family so I'll be around Axminster / Seaton / Somerset generally LOADS on Autumn Saturdays!

Jimjams Sat 02-Jul-05 18:43:24

What are you asking for? It's taken over a year, but I now have direct payments set up by SS. (18 hours a week during school hols, 8 hours a week during term time). If you're looking for a playscheme for your son, that would probably be quicker to organise.

PeachyClair Sat 02-Jul-05 18:59:42

What I really need is a playscheme (they run an autistic sports class nearby, and Sam is very good indeed at sports), and some practical advice re sleeping and violent behaviour. That's all, however you cannot get their number, you have to call the council who e-mail the message, and they haven't bothered to return any calls so far. Why am I not surprised?

Jimjams Sat 02-Jul-05 19:30:42

SS were the hardest to deal with. You may not need to go through them for a playscheme- although it would help. I don't think they'll be any good for advice re behaviour- you need a clinical (not ed) psych. SS can refer onto clinical psychs but so can GP's. DS1's school referred us (although they're a special school so have strong links with the clinical psych service).

Davros Sat 02-Jul-05 20:09:51

There should be a play service separate to Soc Svs although they also access it and refer. Can't believe how crap some Soc Svs depts are, ours is so good in terms of contacting them, a social worker always answers the phone and very quickly and I can email my social worker and her boss!! Mind you, 8hrs a week and 18hrs during hols, that's pretty good even though its taken ages.

PeachyClair Sat 02-Jul-05 20:19:35

I'd like to get ss to refer to psych, as new GP frankly not interested. Said he would think about referring to someone but WOULD nNOT consider any form of sedative. As some may know, Sam's violence towards his siblings means he has to be checked virtually hourly: a few weeks ago he tried to strangle his nearest brother (left marks so a proper attempt). DH tries but has depression at times, so i can't ask much really at nights when he is here, he works nights, He gets bad without sleep.

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