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Store bought sleeping pills

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PeachyClair Thu 30-Jun-05 10:38:03

Does anyone know about these?

NAS recommended I try for my five year old with Aspergers as he is NOT sleeping, GP refuses to prescribe and lately he has been getting up in the night, wandering and twice strangled brother so hard he had marks the next morning- the screams so chilling!

Thing is, the herbal has no effect at all.

I now have to get up hourly to check all OK with DS 2 and 3 as scared for their lives at times!

PeachyClair Thu 30-Jun-05 14:38:16


monica2 Thu 30-Jun-05 22:02:25

Hi PeachyClair, you must be exhausted and out of your mind sorry I don't know anything about store bought ones, but I did the sleepless night thing for 7 years before being prescribed melatonin for dd initially by her paed and now on repeat prescription from GP, they can be bought on line I think though, (there have been other threads about this which are probably more helpful as you may have already tried melatonin)

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