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starting to potty train

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shey Mon 27-Jun-05 20:17:41

We've been building up to potty training ds, now 3.7 and waiting for the holidays as we are both teachers. Out of the blue he started to do it himself. The paddling pool was the turning point. He now wees and poos in the pool like a star. I need some ideas on how to get him to move from the pool to the loo. He will wee in th eloo from time to time but it is the pool generally. We are very excited bu we can't take him to any one elses house (particularly those with paddling pools) without a nappy because he has no way of telling you he needs a wee. Do I encourage using a symbol? Sory this is very garbled.under pressure as nearing end of term!

MandM Tue 28-Jun-05 09:44:47

Hi Shey

I have no specific advice sorry - as I am still trying to overcome the potty training hurdle with dd myself. However, there was a thread recently on the SN board (can't remember the title) where somebody recommended soe reward charts that looked as though they were aimed particularly at SN children - and I think I am right in saying fitted in with PECS somehow.

If you have a look through threads within the last week you should be able to find it.

Good luck - there's a few of us on here all trying to crack this whilst the weather is good and we can take advantage of being outside! It's good to knwo there's others in the same boat (or paddling pool even )!!!

matnanplus Tue 28-Jun-05 15:38:48

This is the thread, hope it helps.

matnanplus Tue 28-Jun-05 15:40:13

oops try the clickable version


matnanplus Tue 28-Jun-05 15:41:34

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