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Duranfan Sun 26-Jun-05 22:52:00

SJ has asked me to let you all know that her PC has died, and she won't be able to log on for a while. If it can be fixed easily, it may only be for a couple of days, but if not, could be a while..

Merlot Mon 27-Jun-05 07:50:24

Thanks....hope her computer gets well soon

SleepyJess Wed 29-Jun-05 10:39:43

Hello!! Thanks Duranfan. (It was just in case anybody cared.. thanks Merlot for caring! PML! )

Still not fixed.. but am at a friend's house 'typing up my assignment'! (Well I will be.. eventually! )

Actually.. I have a confession to make.. whilst I LOVE MN.. and other reg places I go online.. I do actually have an unhealthy relationship with the computer.. I knew this already but this enforced offline time has made it more obviously. When offline due to it being broken, I spend more time talking to my family members (especially DH.. rather than just pretending to listen to him.. and grunting when I think he needs a reply! ).. more time doing odd bits around the house (the house looks better even tho I personally have been doing no housework due to my assignment being due in very shortly).. I am getting to bed much earlier (about 10.30pm as opposed to 1 or 2AM! ) and getting much more sleep (even though I am still knackered which proves how run down I actually am thanks mainly to the net!).. and although when I stop to think about it I do miss MN.. and the practical stuff like online banking.. I don't really miss my PC as such very much at all!!

I think I am very much an all or nothing person with something bording on an addiction when it comes to the interent. Except for the fact that going cold turkey is not really bothering me. DH and I are getting on better too (not that we actually have an unhappy marriage anyway but I know he gets fed up with talking to my back all the time and having to do stuff I am ignoring so I can surf the net.) I am actually very selfish when it comes to the internet.. and almost powerless to stay off it.. it's almost scary.

Does anyone else have these problems?? Or is it just me??!!

I will check thread for reassuring answers later (am here most of day 'working') before shooting off to RL again!!

Miss you all.. I do really!

SJ x

MandM Wed 29-Jun-05 11:07:38

SJ - I was going to ignore you so that you would have to get on with your assignment, but that would be cruel!!!

I know what you mean about the addiciton. Luckily for me (unluckily for my employer) mine is confined to when I am at work, I spend all day logged on and click refresh about every 30 seconds! I used to be so productive before I discovered Mumsnet, now I wouldn't get a promotion in a million years! Funny thing is, I only found MN by accident when I was surfing the net one day trying to find a new walking frame for dd and at first managed to restrict myself just to the SN board. Unfortunately the lure of MN proved too much for me!

Anyway - stop reading this and get back to your assignment!!!!!

Fio2 Wed 29-Jun-05 11:30:09

yes have all those problems

SJ, i still have you phone number and was going to ring you to see if you were alright then i thought I might look like a stalker, so i am glad you have posted. btw if you still fancy that coffee you know where I am

Pages Wed 29-Jun-05 18:42:07

SJ, how's Alex?

Davros Wed 29-Jun-05 21:57:48

I use a laptop most of the time and quite often can't be bothered to turn it on, that helps! Glad you are well SJ.

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