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8 seat cars on motability

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Jo5677 Tue 08-Dec-09 11:41:45

Hi just wondered if any one might have any knowledge on this.
We recieve highest rate DLA for my daughter,so entitled to motability. Atm we have a 7 seat Zafira on motability. We have 5 children and have to take a folded up wheelchair/buggy (that goes in roofbox)and a pushchair out with us (as youngest is 18 months old). Getting all the car seats in and kids fastned up is a real squeeze,though the eldest are now just on boosters.
Anyway what i'd like to ask is if anyone has an 8 seater on motability ? Or does anyone have a 7 seater thats been converted to 8 seats by the use of a bench seat being put in in replace of rear seats ?
If so what make/model would you recommend ?
Anyway if anyones been here and done this or got any advice i'd be very greatful as we'll be replacing the car next year.
Thanks, Jo.

glittery Tue 08-Dec-09 11:51:10

Hyundai i800 has 8 seats (Advance payment £4328) and the Citroen dispatch/peugeot expert/fiat scudo has 8 or 9 depending on model (£2400 - £3645)

glittery Tue 08-Dec-09 11:54:04

amended to say that its only the Citroen Dispatch the peugeot/fiat are the same car but only some WAV dealers offer those

glittery Tue 08-Dec-09 11:58:08

citroen dispatch
hyundai i800

Jo5677 Tue 08-Dec-09 12:14:14

Thankyou for that,apreciate it smile

donkeyderby Tue 08-Dec-09 14:29:56

Sorry to hijack, but would you get the citroen dispatch/hyundai i800 on motability or would you have to apply for a top-up grant to cover the cost?

We need three rows of seats because DS attacks the other kids and has to sit in his own row. We also need more space than the Zafira because he needs a full-sized wheelchair which we would struggle to fit into the boot with all the other crap we have to carry around. Do you know whether you can get a top-up grant for those reasons (as opposed to pure physical disability reasons)?

Jo5677 Tue 08-Dec-09 14:54:10

Hi, i'm not sure really but i am going to have to look into it all before we change our Zafira.
We have to carry a ton of stuff every where with us too.
Maybe someone else might know 'cos i'm a bit clueless about it all blush

sarah293 Tue 08-Dec-09 16:00:03

Message withdrawn

glittery Tue 08-Dec-09 20:09:18

needing a bigger and therefore more expensive vehicle is a valid reason for getting a grant.

all the grants are means tested so depending on whether you qualify financially or not the cheapest Citroen Dispatch currently would be anywhere between £200 if you got the full grant and £2400 if you didnt

vicky6 Wed 16-Feb-11 19:55:51

hi could anyone tell me how to apply for a motability vehicle top up grant.... thanks

glittery Wed 16-Feb-11 20:45:32

info here smile

ILIVEONBENEFITS Wed 16-Feb-11 23:40:42

We have a Citroen Dispatch 9 seater and we got it on Motability and were awarded the total Advance Payment and an additional amount to get it fitted with electric heated mirrors and air conditioning.The grant was very easy to apply for and once they make an award they do so for a particular vehicle that will be the cheapest to suit your needs.You are not obliged to purchase the vehicle they suggest however if it costs more,any extra will have to come from your own pocket.The staff are very helpful if you have any queries and we found the whole process to be extremely simple although it does take a while for them to make decision.The Dispatch is exactly what it appears to be ie a van with seats and it does what it is supposed to do and for that we can't fault it however, we didn't have the extra £700 we needed to find for the advance payment for an i800 which although it is one seat less seems to us to have had a little more thought towards the passengers put into it and is probably a little more comfortable than the Dispatch.Good luck with your application anyhow.I suspect that there may be less money flowing around and a lot more disappointed people come the time to apply for it especially if the government continue with their plan to award DLA to as few applicants as possible.

mancshell Fri 18-Jan-13 17:37:12

i thought i would add my question here as its related to this particular topic if that's OK : )
my son has just been awarded the high rate for mobility, so i am pretty new to even the idea of it all,
i am just wondering if anyone can help with my question as i have looked on the notability site and still cant figure it out,
it says on the site that you can get a advanced payment towards a car but i have read everything relating to it but still don't understand what it means
is there anyone else on here who can explain things a bit clearer for me please,
sorry its been a long day,


shazian Fri 18-Jan-13 19:22:10

hi mancshell if you get high rate mobility you are entitled to a mobility car. There are hundreds of cars at nil advance payment, but would perhaps be full motability allowance. Basically the allowance pays for the car. The advance payment is paid by yourself toward the car usually the more expensive ones, however hundreds of cars are nil advance even 7 seater (i have zafira) which dont pay towards. Also included is servicing, free tyre repairs, breakdown cover and insurance. You would be better thinking which car would suit your needs then look that up on motability to see if you need pay advance on it.

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