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My Health Visitor GGGrrrrrrr

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Sax Fri 24-Jun-05 11:42:44

I think I have discussed this before but I thought I'd just add something and finally get this off my chest.

When I went for ds1 3 yr check (I requested it as not routine anymore) I was informed that he was totally within normal range for his age.
she then proceeded to tell me that he was very like her son, he was probably just an annoying and irritating little boy - some are!!!! and that her son didn't do well in school, he's just about got a few GCSEs now but always got in with the wrong crowd. this info left me speechless (which I now regret I was too slow on the uptake to defend my son

Having been referred to the CHB he has now been dx as autistic.

I was rather when I went to see her (under duress) yesturday with ds3 and I voiced my concerns about him. She told me it was far too early to tell anything and just becasue he hand flaps, is distant at times and doesn't communicate (i know he's only 10m) this doesn't mean anything but having had 3 I obviously compare them all! ds2 is NT.
BTW, when my dh saw the paed recently he told me the statistic of siblings of asd have a 1 in 10 chance and he referred him immediatley saying the earlier the better to be assessed.

Anway, the thing which made me most cross is in the convo yesturday - it came out that her son is also autistic so why the F* did she tell me that my son definately wasn't and was just annoying and irritating.

Thats better - I can move on now - just wanted to say, its really affected the way I approach her and you should be able to go to your HV for advice but I avoid her at all costs.

anniebear Fri 24-Jun-05 12:19:23

thats awful of her

wonder how some HV get the job!

Sax Fri 24-Jun-05 14:44:01

She's an ex theatre sister and if you imagine the architypical matron who patronises others (especially other nurses!!!! she does know I'M A mere ward nurse) then thats her! It doesn't supprise me at all that she's a health visitor but all she kept saying throughout yesturdays appoint was, 'well its down to lack of resources'.

Anyway, she was quite perceptive to recognise i was depressed but she didn't question why I hadn't seen her since ds3 was 6 weeks old (now 10months).

Sax Sat 25-Jun-05 18:27:03

just thought I'd tell a few more people about my bitch of a HV!!!!!

coppertop Sat 25-Jun-05 18:33:12

Some HVs are just pointless. After the complete lack of help and support with ds1 I rarely bother with taking ds2 to see the HV. He last saw the HV for a development check when he was 8 or 9 months old.

YogiYahooey Sat 25-Jun-05 19:44:39

I don't do HV's either - I chew them up and spit them out!! I get super quick referrals via the HV receptionist or she gives me the direct number to ring. As for developmental checks they don't come here and I won't go there.

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