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My Mum's turned up........Help!!!!!!!!!!!!

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BattyBox Wed 22-Jun-05 20:22:59

i feel like letting it all out and telling someone how it feels!!!!!!we have coped with annual reviewofds. that went shockingly well - we were very supprised.

I have been trying my hardest coping with the sudden news that dh is being made redundant. we have coped with the bad news and telling the kids - we expected ds to fly off the handle but he was brilliant. dd said "oh dear - i'm sure we will manage" and cooked us all tea - she is 14.

she is staying in her caravanwith my dad.
she is very similar to TheRealMrsF's mum. she has been here for three days inspectingmy house and refusing to usemy loo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

she refuses to eat my food - i don'tknow why this is but my kitchen is clean.

tonight she came in for ten minutes to tell me she is going back home to devon tomorrow and refused to drink out of my cups.

ihope i never act likethis to dd when she has her own home.

throckenholt Wed 22-Jun-05 20:29:27

it may not be meant the way you take it. What I mean is she may not want a drink because she isn't thirsty, or she may not want you to go to any trouble (I know it is only a cup of tea !).

My inlaws usually bring sandwiches when we invite them over - I tell myself that it is because they don't want to put us to any trouble and also they like what they like.

If you can look at it from that point of view then you can happily ignore it .

coppertop Wed 22-Jun-05 20:42:21

It sounds like you're having a pretty cr@p time of it. Does she ever say why she won't use your things? Or is it just implied with one of those looking-down-your-nose kind of expressions?

BattyBox Wed 22-Jun-05 20:52:32

she will inspect my fridge then say she won't have a cuppa. she sat on a dining chair but when she got up she wiped the chair off and tutted. my dad just looks the other way. to cap it off today they drove away with my mum saying out of the car window "it''l be OK" meaning dh's job situation

BattyBox Wed 22-Jun-05 20:59:03

CT you must have thought this "guardian angel" friend of mrsf's was some brilliant woman who never has problems. !!!!!!!!!

TheRealMrsF Wed 22-Jun-05 22:27:20

well i reckon we must introduce our mums to eachother,batty...then they can both inspect eachother @rses if that's what they want to do!!!!

sorry to be so rude...but as you have probably have REALLY 'issed me off ...good and becuase of their comments I have been turned down DLA ...before i'd even sent in my claim forms.

Yet again the sodding school has said words to the effect that "HE CAN WALK AND TALK" he doesn't NEED any SPECIAL help etc....well i accept that it is their opinion at school...but they have nevre stepped foot in my home...and they have not a bl**dy clue. (however when a y6 pins your child down so another child can slap and kick your child...personally i don't agree that he is managing at school)

coppertop Wed 22-Jun-05 22:34:37

Batty - It's just great to see that MrsF has found a clone in real life to help her out. You two just sound so alike! I can see why you get on so well.

I'm also wondering if our mothers are related. Mine never drinks from our cups and avoids the toilet unless absolutely desperate...........

jmb1964 Wed 22-Jun-05 23:17:12

I think we should laminate them all, mine and dh's included

jayzmummy Wed 22-Jun-05 23:35:14

Visitors are like fish....after three days they start to stink!!!!

BattyBox Thu 23-Jun-05 19:40:24

Mrs F you must look at the thread called "CALLING THE REALMRSF ABOUT....EDWARD"

you will love what his mother decided

CT suggested a while ago that laminated Grandmas was not possible but we could find some velco for their mouths.

anyway mum has gone now - i feel exsorsted but relieved. i don't know why i stress so.

love to you all

BattyBox Fri 24-Jun-05 20:17:00

i can breath again now

Nightynight Fri 24-Jun-05 20:36:22

I couldnt believe it when my mum turned at our house up with her own loaf of bread and her own cereal. OK the cereal may have been to save us money (Id just gone out and bought a whole expensive box of the stuff!!) but I thought the bread was really cheeky!
refusing to use your loo

Merlot Fri 24-Jun-05 20:51:26

Have a lovely peaceful evening Battybox

chipmonkey Fri 24-Jun-05 22:01:41

Batty, is your mum my MIL? She puts Domestos in all the drinking cups she can find. Last year dh got gastritis and was ill for the whole summer and I'm convinced it was after drinking tea in her house.

TheRealMrsF Fri 24-Jun-05 22:04:45

my mum bleaches her cuttlery weekly...and this week asked if she could sweep our front garden for us...WOT???is my front yard messy??? well....pardon me for having better things to do!!!

MeerkatsUnite Sat 25-Jun-05 06:43:27


I am wondering if these women mentioned have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). This could possibly explain the wanting to clean everything in sight.

TheRealMrsF Sun 26-Jun-05 14:04:50 and Batty are sure there is 'SOMETHING' not quite right!!!

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