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Nuchal update

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Thomcat Tue 21-Jun-05 17:56:42

Ugggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh, BORRRRINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.
Still kind of inconclusive.
4 hours later.
My blood tests = excellent
Nasal bone = present and correct
nuchal translucency = 3.2mm = quote "doeswn't look good I'm afraid" unquote.
So risk, without Lottie being in the equation at at maternal age at 33yrs and being 13 weeks + 5 days = 1 in 707.
Which in itself isn't bad but the lady doing the scan is concerned abo9ut that neck measurement and says it could mean DS but could be heart problems.
So as it was all a bit grey she has made an appt for me to see the professor himself tomorrow - Professor Nicolaides.
So, it drags on. I'm trying very hard to bond with baby still but fear is making that a bit tricky. I had a few tears today but haven't actually cried, I'm fighting em down inside and trying just to be 'normal'.
More news tomorrow then I guess.
Ta ta for now, TC x

Fio2 Tue 21-Jun-05 17:59:04

oh TC i will keep my fingers crossed that tommorrow goes well. isnt 1 in 707 quite good though? I have no idea but seems good really when you think of genetics etc (with other syndromes and things)

hana Tue 21-Jun-05 18:01:30

Oh Thomcat
I've been following your news
Prof Nic - he's THE man with nuchal fold testing
what a difficult place to be - whatever I say sounds not quite right - but hope you get some peace and a result you can work with
think you're v brave

Aragon Tue 21-Jun-05 18:01:43


Wait for Prof. Nicolaides - he's excellent at his job and will do his utmost to give you more of an idea about if there's anything to worry about or not. Also bear in mind that a nuchal scan is still a screening test and not a diagnostic one, the NT of 3.2mm may be quite normal for your baby.

Hope it is more positive for you tomorrow.

mancmum Tue 21-Jun-05 18:03:17

God I am sorry that it is still dragging on but please take hope from all the good results -- the blood tests, nasal bone, and over all risk of 1:707 -- that is fab... surely if there was a high risk of downs it would have shown up more in these tests? I don't know what I am talking about but from the outside, I think it looks good and I am the biggest worry wort in the world!!

Will be thinking of you tomorrow -- you are in great hands..

maddiemo Tue 21-Jun-05 18:03:25

Hopefully everything will go well tomorrow.

That being in limbo feeling is gut wrenching.

My friend had a scan by PN she was very impressed, he will always fit people in.

Thomcat Tue 21-Jun-05 18:05:06

Thanks girls.
1 in 707 is not bad but as the neck measurement was large she was still concerned and for that reason it's all still muddles. Nasal bone and blood - good - neck - v.bad, so.......??????????????? What does it mean exactly? It means that we're not out of the woods and have to go through some more hanging around in waiting rooms and more tests and more chats. D and I will have the talk tonight and get our heads round what we will do with bad results etc. Dreading it, hate all this, hate it, hate it, but I can't hide my head in the sand, more's the pity.

Merlot Tue 21-Jun-05 18:12:59

Sending you a big hug TC and hoping that tomorrow will bring you good news.

starlover Tue 21-Jun-05 18:14:10

yuo know this already... but the readings CAN be wrong...
you are higher risk... but that risk is still small!

tamum Tue 21-Jun-05 18:15:31

Sorry TC, good luck for tomorrow, I hope they give you some peace of mind.

potty1 Tue 21-Jun-05 18:16:36

TC - been thinking of you. I don't know much about nuchal scans as all my babies are a bit older and we didn't have them but the 1 in 707 sounds good. Sorry that its not more conclusive for you though. Good luck with the Prof tomorrow and with the chat tonight.

hub2dee Tue 21-Jun-05 18:16:39

1 in 700 odd is tiny TC.

The Fetal Medicine Centre is the place to get this kind of thing looked at though, so I hope you get good feedback tomorrow. I suppose in the 'crossing one bridge at a time' approach, D / you might get asked about CVS etc. so I hope your difficult conversation goes well.

13+5 as you know is right at the limited on these tests, so bear that it in mind too.

bossykate Tue 21-Jun-05 18:18:40

prof nicolaides is the man, tc. i hope it goes well tomorrow.

Twiglett Tue 21-Jun-05 18:22:11

will be thinking of you TC

you will find the strength to get through this emotional hurdle too

chicagomum Tue 21-Jun-05 18:31:34

tc just seen this thread so forgive me if i repeat anything already said etc - just wanted to give you some support - with dd (now 3.5years ols) had a result of 1 in 25 (i was 28 at the time) had nuchal scan and bllod test (i saw prof nicolaides too!) worried sick about it ended up having an amnio and all was fine, ds (now 6 months) second scan showed "left ventricular pea" (an cyst type abnormality in the heart muscle) which is what they refered to as a soft marker for possible Down's syndrome (had a 1 in 200 risk with other tests) this time choose not to do a amnio and ds is fine, so i can totally sympathise with the turmoil you are going through (i shed many a tear too during all of this) and i know i can't say to you that all will be fine but as you can see from my expeerience the results can turn out ok anyway i will be thinking of you and hope all works out

Jimjams Tue 21-Jun-05 18:44:57

TC- larger than normal nuchal can indicate things other than DS. For example a friend had a very large nuchal reading. turned out to be an XY/XO mosaic, but her son seems fine (she said something abouth the XO being in placental tisue only possibly- but not sure how that would alter nuchal readings).

Jimjams Tue 21-Jun-05 18:45:15

Good luck tomorrow btw.

MommyD Tue 21-Jun-05 18:45:33

Good luck TC for tomorrow. 1 in 707 sounds good to me - better than my odds for my current pregnancy! You are right on the threshold of when this measurement can be taken aren't you?

Blossomhill Tue 21-Jun-05 18:55:01

Tc - crossing my fingers that it all goes well tomorrow xxx

hunkermunker Tue 21-Jun-05 19:06:00

TC, googled and found this:

"In The Fetal Medicine Foundation Project (Table 2), the prevalence of major abnormalities of the heart and great arteries was 10 per 1000 and increased exponentially with increasing translucency thickness from about 4 per 1000 for translucency of 95th centile–3.4 mm, 27 per 1000 for translucency of 3.5–4.4 mm, 43 per 1000 for translucency of 4.5–5.4 mm, 63 per 1000 for translucency of 5.5–6.4 mm, and 169 per 1000 for translucency equal to or greater than 6.5 mm."


"A specialist scan from 14 weeks can effectively reassure the majority of parents that there is no major cardiac defect." (My bold - a very important word, taken with your other results)

From this site, for reference, not for massive worrying yourself sick thinking about other possibilities and numbers, not that I've found any on here with a brief skim, but just don't anyway, OK, hun?

I hope this might make you feel a bit better (she said, hopefully) especially given your bloods and the nasal bone being present.

Hugs and will be thinking of you tomorrow. Lots of love, Hunker xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PS - am scared I've read this wrong and it will worry you more, if it does, I truly don't mean it too and am just a stupid Munker

Davros Tue 21-Jun-05 19:15:01

Good luck tomorrow. I've heard of Prof Nicolaides, he is a colleague of my Prof, Michael DeSwiet at the same Dept. I know it doesn't help, but imo 1 in 700 is tiny, we were looking at 1 in 10 with DD and still liked the odds!!

coppertop Tue 21-Jun-05 19:19:33

Best of luck for tomorrow, TC. xxx

LIZS Tue 21-Jun-05 19:26:39

Sorry the agony continues. Good luck for tomorrow.

anniebear Tue 21-Jun-05 19:29:25

Hope it goes well, will be thinking of you


aloha Tue 21-Jun-05 19:45:55

So sorry this is still going on T/C.
73% of babies with Downs don't have a nose bone, so seeing one really does reduce the odds (so horrid to talk about odds with a baby, I agree). One in 700 is a LOT lower than my nuchal fold result with dd (and remember, half of DS pregnancies miscarry so the 'at birth' risk is half that at 11-14 weeks - so one in 1.400).
I really feel for you right now. I was so in bits about more testing with dd, but she couldn't be a more textbook baby.
I wish you all the good fortune in the whole world.

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