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Ds2 took four steps today!

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Merlot Sun 19-Jun-05 22:07:06

My ds2 who is 21 months took his first steps today - such a lovely present for Father's Day! and he even clapped his hands afterwards! Two firsts!!

I've got a feeling that it will be a long haul before he's walking properly, but am so proud

coppertop Sun 19-Jun-05 22:10:33


Well done to mini-Merlot!

beccaboo Sun 19-Jun-05 22:18:39

Hurrah! That's great to hear Merlot.

Saker Sun 19-Jun-05 22:43:01

That's lovely to hear. Well done to little Merlot .

Davros Sun 19-Jun-05 22:55:56

How sweet, bet DH was delighted. All mine got was a raspberry from me and DD!

Jimjams Sun 19-Jun-05 22:58:27

Socci Sun 19-Jun-05 22:59:11

Message withdrawn

jenkins88 Mon 20-Jun-05 00:47:02

Thats fantastic news Merlot. Well done to your DS

QueenOfQuotes Mon 20-Jun-05 00:54:31

That's lovely - and great timing on Fathers Day

KarenThirl Mon 20-Jun-05 05:52:44

Brilliant news, well done him!

eidsvold Mon 20-Jun-05 05:53:08

that is fab !!....

anniebear Mon 20-Jun-05 07:08:47

Thats brilliant, made up for you all


Fio2 Mon 20-Jun-05 07:48:51

aww I was hoping this was you merlot

maddiemo Mon 20-Jun-05 10:22:08

Thats lovely. You must be so proud.

MandM Mon 20-Jun-05 10:22:31

Fantastic news Merlot! Well done mini-Merlot!

heartinthecountry Mon 20-Jun-05 10:46:45

That is really great - wow .

Dingle Mon 20-Jun-05 10:50:23

What a great pressie for father's Day- fab news Merlot!

Merlot Mon 20-Jun-05 13:18:36

Thanks for all your lovely messages

milge Mon 20-Jun-05 23:10:16

Brilliant news to come back to - well done mini merlot!

Thomcat Tue 21-Jun-05 00:19:19

Walking threads always make me so happy. That's such wonderful news and what great timing he has, bless him. Wonderful, wonderful stuff, I'm over the moon for you babes I really am

Pages Tue 21-Jun-05 13:14:52

Oh Merlot, that is so fantastic! What a clever little boy!

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