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Help with DLA grumps please?

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zippytiptoes Thu 12-Nov-09 11:12:21


We're having a tough time getting Disability Living Allowence for our 11 month old daughter who has hip displasia and who had her operation in July 09. DLA people say she needs no extra care than that required of any child the same age. They say she won't qualify as she won't be disabled for long enough (6 months). Her next appointment at the hospital will be over six months. She's had two spicas and is now in a rhino cruiser brace which our GP thinks may take her total up to about 18 months. The DLA people say that 'mobility is not taken into consideration until a child is 3, it's just about bodily functions' and they say you change the nappy of any child...mmm they were quite rude and unsupportive. DD needs lots of additional care that my first DD did not require - more regular nappy changes, tilted cot to discourage wee from running into cast and regular checking, moving to prevent bed sores, cannot sit up in a high chair to feed because of way legs are cast...cannot sit up anywhere unless heavily supported by cushions and then we have to watch she doesn't fall.

Top and bottom is, we have a lot of stress at home for a number of reasons at the minute and I just don't know if I should pursue this or just concede defeat.

What do others think and what are your experiences?

Thanks so much

lou031205 Thu 12-Nov-09 17:24:13

Have you looked at They have lots of useful info.

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