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DLA Reconsideration

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yanny Wed 11-Nov-09 20:29:55

Hi I'd be interested to hear how many people have been successful after a DLA reconsideration. My dd doesn't have a dx but has various difficulties, I had someone from our local Carers centre help me fill the form out. I included the OT report which states dd scored on the 1st percentile and has definite motor difficulties, also a report from the previous depute head at school written in June this year which states the difficulties dd has at school, waited 11 weeks and got turned down.

The information I gave them explained in detail how dd needs someone there all the time indoors and out, how we have had to call the police when she's went missing after getting lost while out playing more than once. We don't satisfy conditions for personal care or help getting about, even though one of the conditions for help getting about is "you can walk but need guidance or supervision to get around in places you don't know well" Ffs dd needs help getting around areas she does know well, like the area we live hmm

Any ideas on what info I can give them, poured my heart and sould into the form based on worst days. We are waiting on an appt with cahms after getting a letter confirming our referral in June. Can I get other people who know her (nobody professional) to write statements? People who know her well.

Also can I ask DLA for a copy of the report they requested from the headmaster at dds school? He has no first hand knowledge of dd, the depute headteacher had lots of input but has unfortunately left to work in another school. I wonder if his report has affected the decision. At school she uses visual aids in class, has trouble processing a sequence of instructions and needs things broken down into small steps. There is more but my brain is mangled!

This wasn't meant to be so long blush

jemmm Wed 11-Nov-09 20:39:18

We asked for reconsideration and we went from "Not being eligible" to "Middle Rate Care" - so they do actually reconsider - although I did do a fair bit of foot stamping.

DS is only 2.5 - so our circumstances are different to yours. But our initial application was done under stress and was, in retrospect, rubbish. We didn't actually re-complete the form, we simply sent through copies of every report we could find with every relevant bit highlighted - this was what we were told to do by a wonderful person at Carers Resource - get in touch with them and ask for someone to visit now - they'll sit down and help you with the form/reconsideration.

We also gave them permission to speak to our Portage person, Disability SW, Paed, SaLT, etc. etc.

It worked for us - but first - get in touch with Carers Resource and hang in there! Oh and stamp your feet occasionally.

yanny Wed 11-Nov-09 20:48:38

*Hi Jemmm*

Thanks for your reply smile I'm in Scotland and think the Carers Centre here must be the equivalent of Carers Resource. They were great at helping initially but only gave advice over the phone about the reconsideration

I'm just struggling to think what other info I can give them/include as I exhausted everything I could think of in that bloody form!

red37 Wed 11-Nov-09 20:49:41

I didnt get reconsideration with ds1 but did win the appeal

good luck with it

meerkatsandkookaburras Wed 11-Nov-09 20:56:46

hiya, yes i believe you can get non prfessional people to do statements, we had one from our homestart worker so should imagine anyone can as its not like a homestart volunteer is partiularly professional if you get what i mean.

also you can get a copy of report that was sent in, we got copy of a paed report and then lodged formal complaints after what the paed had put (long story!!!)

also yes keep asking for reconsiderations you will get there in the end.

good luck

yanny Wed 11-Nov-09 21:07:14

Thanks for your kind words

Red37, can I ask what the appeal entailed? I do all this on my own and find it nervewracking attending dds school reviews alone, never mind appeals!

tipsycat Wed 11-Nov-09 22:16:42

There's some really useful information on the NAS website about what to write on the DLA application. I'm sure lots of it would be relevant to many disabilities, not just autism.

My DS (8) gets middle rate care, and lower rate mobility. He can walk, but has very little awareness of danger so must be very well supervised. He also has a tendancy to "wander off" and can disappear in seconds. He then gets very upset and distressed when he realises that he's lost. You need to put information like this on the form.

Did you send copies of the speech therapist's report? Does your DD have a statement? I found that by sending in lots of reports and information from all the professionals involved (O/T, speech therapy, educational psychologist etc) they didn't need to write to anyone for information, so the process was quicker.

anonandlikeit Wed 11-Nov-09 22:22:14

we went from nothing to mid care, high mobility on reconsideration.
I wrote asking them to reconsider & included a diary of a couple of days in ds2's life drawing dirct comparisons to an NT child of the same age.
You really do have to spell it out for them, good luck

asdx2 Wed 11-Nov-09 22:23:15

Just reading what you have written the little bit that stands out to me as someone who once worked for the benefit office is that you write that dd needs constant supervision indoors and outdoors but then you inform them that the police were called after dd went missing when playing out. By implication that suggests dd was unsupervised outdoors as she wouldn't have gone missing if supervised and so I imagine they would assume that dd isn't constantly supervised indoors either as that would be a safer environment.
Not being at all critical just pointing out how I think DWP may have interpreted your forms and where you might need to rephrase what has been written.

yanny Wed 11-Nov-09 22:46:44

tipsycat we were due to attend speech therapy today but appt cancelled due to sickness. All the reports I had at the time were sent with DLA form. However, they asked school for an up to date report (even though report i sent from school was only 6 weeks old)

Last week I attended 1st review meeting at school, ed psychologist, learning support and class teacher, ed pych advised school are coping well with dds extra needs (maths/time to complete/etc) and that the next step is to be referred to camhs which was done back in April.

anonandlikeit thanks, a diary is a good idea

asdx2 I understand what you are saying, thanks Dd actually went missing whilst playing out when the gasman called, 1 min she was there, next min she was gone! She has also managed to get lost between finishing school and being picked up (finishes school at 3.15pm, I am usually there at 3.10pm after finishing my work as a nanny) however, there are odd times where I may be a few mins late (never more than a couple and she has been told to just wait but wandered off. I gave up my last job as couldn't be there in time to pick her up, but this time I am soo trying to make everything work as I love my job and couldn't be at home all day while dd is at school wink

red37 Thu 12-Nov-09 07:07:08

Yanny, going on my experience with the appeal was not daunting even though I thought it would be.
There was a panel of 3, a chairlady, SW and a Doctor(these ppl are all independant from the DLA)
They asked me to describe a typical day with ds1 who has severe ADHD
DS has a tendancy to self harm so I had to elaborate on things like razors, sharps, compasses had to be kept out of reach
medication let them know everything as to changes side effects etc
also mention things like social interaction and self esteem issues, lack of
also windows, doors being locked as my ds got out of the bedroom window once, man across the street asked what he was doing and he replied "I am looking for my PUSSY"shock
I emphasised on the fact that I had to be one step ahead of ds1 to eleminate any potential danger whether in or out doors
The constant prompting and guidance you have to give them on a daily basis needs to be emphasised on
Unforetunately you have to do all the legwork and present your case
GP, consultant, school letters keep them
the diary is a must at an appeal
so you can jog your memory on particular incidents
Bathing etc, I have to be at arms length while with ds1 whilst bathing as he tends to flood the bathroom
behaviour wise I had to tell them of his violent outbursts temper, smashing things, swearing inattentaviness, fidgeting etc
jumping on tables furnture etc
ds is 14 now, the appeal was when he was 10, medication has increased but makes him depressed.
The thing is you need to tell them not about the condition itself but how the condition affects your dd and elaborate on her safety and the care and guidance she needs

hope this has helped and good luck!!

Chloe93x Wed 07-Feb-18 11:47:33

Hi there. Applied for dla for my son who is 6. Has chronic sleep difficulties severe adhd and struggles everyday. He has no awareness of danger road saftey impulsive tendencies. Got refused dla few weeks back have asked for a reconsideration and sent school report in medical report which states his medication ect. Whats the chances i get refused again. Its very stressfull. Xx

coffeemachine Fri 09-Feb-18 07:18:35

Chloe, better to start your own thread than resurrecting old ones.

I guess it was in the news a while ago that they have targets to uphold 80% of decisions when it come to the mandatory reconsideration. so chances are that it is a no again. I know lots of people who had issues recently. I would just appeal if they do not change their decision and not let go. lot I'd decisions get overturned on appeal.

who filled in the form? there is an art to it. did you use the Cerebra guide!

Chloe93x Wed 21-Feb-18 09:45:53

Didnt know how to but do now. The school helped me and family worker. The head teacher also wrote me a report about my son how he is at school and needs to be with an adult at all times ect.. dla have had the reconsideration for 4 weeks now and still havent made a descion. Just a waiting game now to see if hes going to get it or not now

Checklist Wed 21-Feb-18 10:08:17

Don't assume that the people, who answer the phone on the DLA's telephone numbers at the DWP, understand the law!

Checklist Wed 21-Feb-18 21:04:48

Oh, to answer your question, DD was awarded DLA middle rate care and mobility lower rate. After reconsideration with help from LA welfare advisor, she got higher rate for both! (We are up all night to her!)

There probably are time limits for mandatory reconsideration, but the DWP told me last week, that once a decision goes to a decision maker (and it took them 4 months just to refer DD's case of a change of circumstance to a decision maker), the cases are put in date order and decisions are made in that order! When I exclaimed last week:

So, if DD's decision has not been made in 5 months, you have people who have been waiting even longer?"

They said "Yes!" and they could not tell me when the decision would be made! Although after several more conversations, they made a decision that day!

Chloe93x Wed 21-Feb-18 22:12:36

How long did u wait for reconsideration?

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