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Advice re IEP/Special Needs

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mel37 Wed 11-Nov-09 11:52:01

Hi all,

Am hoping for a bit of advice. Can anyone tell me exactly what an IEP does and how it will help my child at school?

Also since my daughter started school they have intimated there might be a 'problem' ie, pos dyspraxia or ADD ???? I think, but whenver I try and pin them down and ask if they feel she does have a learning disability they just say 'its difficult to tell with her'??!!!

I am getting rather frustrated by the whole thing all I ever get from the teachers is that she is off in another world or definately somewhere as her teacher put it!!!! , doesnt seem to be able to concentrate, writing not good enough for her age etc.

I am having a meeting with class teacher and SENCO tomorrow and just wondered should I be pushing for them to have her tested for a learning disability or is it down to me to decide and get her tested? which is how it feels at the moment. By the way my daughter is 5 and at the beginning of Yr 1.

Any advice would be most helpful.


wasuup3000 Wed 11-Nov-09 12:56:40

You can go in both directions. Go to your GP and ask for a refferal to a paeditrician to check your daughters developement. Then if they agree that there is a difficulty they will refer on to other services. Teachers can't diagnose which is why they are wary and neither can EP's. An EP will look at your child's needs in school, observe them, speak to you.

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