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Paeds appt this afternoon WHICH TEST TO ASK FOR?

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misscutandstick Tue 10-Nov-09 09:30:16

Sorry if this has been done to death...

DS4 is 4.5y and verbal Dx from paed of ASD, absolutely no testing done, just from a chat with me and a 30min (in total) chat with DS4.

I would like to know (i understand hes young) what sort of proper testing i should ask for? ive heard of ADOS and DISCO, CARS and GARS, but quite honestly havent a clue which one is suitable in what sort of situation.

I would like a formal dx (perhaps I want too much???)

DS4 is quite verbal (personally think his expressive lang better than receptive, but hes already been dx'd with SLI), and probably an Aspie rather than ASD, but happy to accept that 'ASD' gets better help than 'AS'. But would really like to get to grips with his difficulties and strengths, and TBH where he fits on the spectrum.

sorry for the ramble

so, what test should i ask for?


debs40 Tue 10-Nov-09 09:43:07


I think the tests you mention serve different purpises.

For example, I think the CARS/GARS tests give no more than an indication of an autistic probablility but the DISCO and ADOS are more formal tests which are carried out by observation by psychologicists. This is why the whole process is a complicated, lengthy multi-disciplinary one.

Have you been referred to the psychology team (CAMHS, Child and Family Services etc)? It might be worth asking the paed about this today. Get him/her to run through the local process as it differs depending where you are.

debs40 Tue 10-Nov-09 09:44:38

that should be purposes of course....

NAS has got this about DISCO

nothollyhunter Tue 10-Nov-09 09:52:16

My ds didn't have any testing just 10 mins with the paed & the most patronising SALT I have ever come across. Their report was absolute bollocks ... full of lies & misrepresentations. Frankly the whole diagnostic process is shit & the only advantage I can see it has is making DLA application more straight forward (? maybe).

Also not sure of the AS issue - here Aspie kids get far more support (communication & friendship groups etc) - both NHS & charity - they have 'good potential' you see. An autism diagnosis puts you on the scrap heap ... especially with more severe language problems and it is special schools all the way 'autistic children never cope in mainstream'.

I wish I'd known in advance that the diagnosis would cause my ds all sorts of problems - at the very beginning of the paed appointment I should've asked 'how will this process benefit my son' - what services are there (none*) & what effect will the label have on him (language delay = no problems at all, everyone very positive playing up ds' strengths etc autism = doom & gloom suddenly his strengths are just symptoms of, in their opinion, a dehumanising condition). He didn't change at all in the week between language delay & autism - his needs remained the same but his potential was massively reduced.

*oh except a training course for - wtf would I need training to parent my child? DS has made fabulous progress & it is entirely down to our 'intensive' parenting.

misscutandstick Tue 10-Nov-09 09:59:19

No, there have been no referals or assessments made what-so-ever. His paed hands out labels like post-its!

Will ask about camhs and any psychology teams available in this area.

Unfortunately he doesnt tend to listen that well either. (i explained in detail about how terrible a sleeper DS4 is, and then he put in notes "sleeps well" shock)

Actually, i tell a lie, he did refer to OT, but the note they got didnt say much other than to "refer" and they rang and asked me what it was that the paed wanted from them shock.

misscutandstick Tue 10-Nov-09 10:09:08

NotHH, cross-post. that sounds crap, what an awful experience. sad

The paed told me "he will never be independant and probably wont live alone, he will need intensive help with his speech for some time to come" OMG! I have no doubt at all that he will be independant at some point, even thru all his anxieties and difficulties, he is a capable child.

I think someone who would take this paeds words as gospel would have been desperately upset at hearing this rubbish!

I shall take your knowledge and apply NotHH! ask questions and GET answers... hopefully hmm

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