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Schools/statement/proud mummy moment

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laumiere Mon 09-Nov-09 19:40:48

This was partly brought on by gathering paperwork for DS1 (3.5 and CP) and his multidisciplinary clinic today. It's so heartening to see how far he's come in 6 months (if I'm being super-egotistical, the 6 months I was looking after him while on mat leave). He's gone from crawling for preference to walking 2 miles easily, can take turns at nursery, and has gone from 1 or 2 words occasionally to managing short sentences and interacting helpfully with his baby brother (fetching toys etc).

(proud mummy pause)

As his issues are mostly physical (speech expression, toileting and getting around) his practitioners are all very positive about him attending an MS school (we have 3 special schools in the area but 2 are autistic spectrum based and the 3rd is for kids with severe disabilities, which DS1 doesn't fit, even if we sent him to a special school he's likely to be on a split placement), but he'd need at least 32 hours per week 1:1. Does anyone who's been here have tips on how to maximise chances of getting this? We're right at the beginning of the statement process, where the LA is deciding whether to do one.

daisy5678 Mon 09-Nov-09 21:27:18

Well done on the first bit! Brilliant smile

To maximise chance of FT 1:1, you need written reports from professionals verifying he needs it. Even then, may be a bit of a battle, but that is essential.

Good luck

laumiere Mon 09-Nov-09 21:53:42

givemoresleep What sort of reports would be needed?

lou031205 Mon 09-Nov-09 22:20:59

Hi laumiere. That's great! 32 hours 1:1 means basically, all contact time. In other words, from 8.50am-3.15pm each day. So, what you need to identify is why he needs that support, and then get the relevant professional to state it.

We are one step ahead of you, in that the LA have agreed to assess.

DD is a bit of a tricky fish, and needs 1:1 for a variety of reasons. So, we so far have Portage Outreach, who say 1:1 for communication and safety (DD is a 'runner' but also unsteady on her feet); Occupational Therapy, who will say (I think, haven't seen report yet) 1:1 due to safety, and sensory processing, plus communication; SALT who have just scored DD as on 5th centile for understanding, so 1:1 for differentiation of curriculum.

So, if your DS needs 1:1 for physical reasons, you need support from the Paed, or Physio, or his current setting. Language issues would be his SALT, etc.

If the LA agree to assess, they will write to all the people involved in your DS's care anyway, and they will each give their recommendation. Also, you will be asked for your views.

Be sure of what your 'line' is. Ours is that DD gets 32 hours 1:1, or she doesn't go mainstream. Full stop, no negotiation. She HAS to have 32 hours or we can't even consider mainstream. Mainstream is cheaper than special, so we have that on our side.

PipinJo Mon 09-Nov-09 23:51:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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