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poor dd, getting pushed over and hit all the time.

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porgie Sat 07-Nov-09 20:54:42

My DS is 3.4 ASD and is constantly hitting and pushing over his little sister 15 mths.
It seems to be getting worse, she cringes everytime he walks past.
She loves him and wants to play but he is so horrible to her.
I'm getting worried that he is going to seriously hurt her, he threw a toy at her last week and bust her lip.
Anyone experienced this? What can i do?

staryeyed Sat 07-Nov-09 22:13:47

I have the opposite problem with a rather aggressive baby and very passive 4 year old with autism- he is very wary of the baby especially after he pulled his hair.

Anyway what I do is try to do stuff that includes them in the same game together. SO if Im tickling DS1 I will also tickle DS2 and then pretend that DS2 is tickling DS1 and try to encourage DS1 to tickle DS2 iyswim. Any thing to make having a sibling a positive thing rather than someone who takes attention from them.

I dont know if that helps at all.

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