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Went to our first SN club last night.

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chegirl Sat 07-Nov-09 19:25:17

DS is 6.5. Recently dx with Auditory Processing Disorder but apart from that I doubt if he will ever get a full dx. He has learning delay and is very young for his age. He is struggling at school and we are [still] waiting for statement. When I say struggling, his teacher recently asked me if I had ever 'considered a special school'.

Anyway. Took the plunge last night and went to a local sports club for children with SN. Apart from London Zoo SN day its the first time we have used such a service.

It really suited him. They were patient with him and didnt tell him off for being sulky or wandering off. They kept bringing him back and didnt tell him 'to be a big boy' or ask me to bring him back when he was ready to join in etc.

It felt so much more relaxing than trying to shoe horn him into a MS class.

So why do people insist on telling me I am doing the wrong thing? Like I am trying to make him SN when he is fine really. I know he wouldnt cope with a mainstream football club for e.g. How on earth would he when he can only understand about 30% of what is said to him? I am not giving in! I just want him to be happy. Why do people think we somehow encourage our kids to be different. Do they think I need the excitement of a kid with SN in my life or something?

Of course there were children with more complex needs than DS there. But there were an awful lot who seemed to be more or less on a par with him IYSWIM.

Will he suddenly get 'worse' now he is mixing with SN kids once a week hmm.

That seems to have turned into a minor rant. Sorry.

Has anyone else had this sort of problem i.e. friends and family insisting there is nothing 'wrong' with your child. As if you think there is something 'wrong' with them?

TotalChaos Sat 07-Nov-09 20:44:50

It's such a relief to be amongst adults who "get it", I think. Think people tend to think relentless positivity is doing you/your child a favour somehow. Also there is a lot of misunderstanding around language/receptive language problems - "look at Einstein", "they all speak in their own time", "but he understands it all, doesn't he". etc.

sphil Sat 07-Nov-09 21:12:19

We get a lot of family activities offered to us for DS2 who has severe autism. But to be honest, I think DS1, who has mildish dyspraxia, gets just as much, if not more, out of the sessions. They are usually in small groups, they aren't full of super-confident kids who get all the 'turns' and the activities are structured in a way that suits him. He also tends to get on well with the kids who attend, because they often have similar interests (whereas DS2 couldn't care less about children he hasn't met before).

mysonben Sat 07-Nov-09 21:27:00

Yes, we get that too from family and other people. DS is 4, with sli, mild asd, we are trying to get a full dx for him.
He is to start in a language unit next week.
We often get comments such as "he 'll grow out of it!", or 'he isn't that bad really! he can't have autism"... angry
It is irritating but i usually let it slip, because they don't know a thing about asd, and they don't see my DS on a day to day basis to actually realise how much he does struggle at times.
I am tempted to go to our local NAS branch, to try to mingle with other parents but i'm worried to go...blush

anonandlikeit Sun 08-Nov-09 10:39:10

leisure stuff is meant to be fun, so go to whichever club you & your ds find most relaxing & stuff what friends & family say.
The type of club you take your ds to is going to make no difference to his ability BUT may make you all smile

jjones Sun 08-Nov-09 12:06:44

I just wanted to let you know that I was talking to mum on Thursday who's ds has cp, he started sn school in September and has thrived, she said he has turned into a different child, for the better. He is coming on leaps and bounds and his speech has improved no end. She had terrible trouble getting her family to accept there was a problem with him, she printed some stuff off the internet for them to read which helped. I have been very lucky as my family have been great. I am now involved in starting a Saturday group for kids with asd in a local creche.

chegirl Sun 08-Nov-09 21:16:03

Thank you all for your comments. Just been speaking to a family member who was all hmm about DS again! I am not sure why he thinks he knows so much better. he only sees DS about once a year!

I will keep taking him. He was trying to tell his dad about this morning bless him. He couldnt remember a thing but at least he gave it a go smile

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