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Stressed and moaning be warned

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mumof8kids Thu 05-Nov-09 10:10:29


basically just think i want to moan. Everything is getting to me a tthe moment and am so glad to have 2 weeks hols from work although am spending it playing catch up. i work shifts and with my Ds4 irregular sleep pattern and a 11month old baby (also got 6 others) am totally knackered. i dont want to give up work but every little change affects him and i dont work the same days or hours week by week. Am sat waiting for the dame statement letter and am just hoping i dont have to appeal and fight this because i just havent the energy. also waiting for the marc team to send his dx appoints through, first told would be sept then told beginning of novemeber (why i booked the weeks of work) but no nothing aaaaarrrrfggghhh. i can't take time of at really short notice and they seem to think people just sit at home all day, wish i could sometimes.
am sooo sorry to moan on

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