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my 12yr ol ds is very unhappy

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bigdonna Thu 05-Nov-09 09:51:21

hi my ds12 is waiting to be assessed for aspergers,he has had problems for yrs has missed so much school since yr5 ,he now refuses to go as he is nervous and very frightened he has not been out the house since saturday,says he doesnt like going out anymore.he sees camhs but that doesnt seem to help!!!!we have tried home ed but i childmind and cant do both well .i need to work to pay mortgage.he is frightened of large groups has also been bullied at two schools so hates school anyone got any experience of this,the phych said he is very traumatised !!!!

bigdonna Thu 05-Nov-09 13:07:35


BriocheDoree Thu 05-Nov-09 15:43:39

Hi Bigdonna,
Can't help but didn't want to leave your post unanswered. Your poor DS. Sounds very hard for him. Perhaps if you change the title of your post to make it clear it's Aspergers-related you might get some of the people on here with AS teenagers replying (or just teenagers, for that matter...mine are too young for me to be able to suggest anything!!)
Hope you get some more answers soon.

skatingonthinice Thu 05-Nov-09 16:57:51

I emphatise completely with you as my son is 12 also and has Asperger Syndrome and Tourette Syndrome. He has always hated school and there have been times when he has begged me to home school him but I told him it would be better if he went to school as he may become isolated and miss out on socialising. Even though its really hard sometimes I have pushed him to keep on going. Hopefully he will get a diagnosis soon and get some much needed support at school.

mary21 Thu 05-Nov-09 17:43:04

Hi big donna. i thought for a moment this was a post from my SIL who is in a very similar position. Also has a 12 year old who started refusing to go to school age 9 . They are very reluctantly home eding but hate it. My oldest has An ASD (PDD NOS) and the boys certainly share some traits. . I dont know what to suggest other than let you know are not the only one in this position.

bigdonna Thu 05-Nov-09 18:02:52

thanks for all your replies i had a phone call today and i am getting him privately assessed next friday so hopefully it will help just so we know what the problem is thanks again

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