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STRANGEST VILLAGE IN BRITAIN............SN families in a community

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RTKangaMummy Thu 16-Jun-05 20:04:09




RTKangaMummy Thu 16-Jun-05 20:04:30


RTKangaMummy Thu 16-Jun-05 20:06:44


Only Human: The Strangest Village in Britain

9:00pm - 10:00pm

Channel 4

VIDEO Plus+: 3577

In the unique village of Botton in Yorkshire, 135 people with special needs live alongside 100 'co-workers'. This final film in the 'Only Human' series charts the daily life of this remarkable community, where eccentric behaviour is celebrated. The programme also follows long-term resident Barry as he decides to leave Botton and re-enter the 'real world'.

beansontoast Thu 16-Jun-05 20:07:12

thanks for that...i always always end up missing the stuff ive been looking froward to seeing.

i know the guy with the white beard and hair.youll love him.he rocks!!

RTKangaMummy Thu 16-Jun-05 20:07:54


RTKangaMummy Thu 16-Jun-05 20:14:09


Hausfrau Thu 16-Jun-05 20:18:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RTKangaMummy Thu 16-Jun-05 20:33:54

Thanks HF

You're welcome

RTKangaMummy Thu 16-Jun-05 20:48:09

bumpity bump

RTKangaMummy Thu 16-Jun-05 20:56:00


RTKangaMummy Thu 16-Jun-05 21:00:16






RTKangaMummy Thu 16-Jun-05 21:03:49

Do you mean the one in blue shirt in woodwork shop?

RTKangaMummy Thu 16-Jun-05 21:05:59

Or do you mean DANNY from london????????
With the special walk

beansontoast Thu 16-Jun-05 21:06:54


wooo hoooo!!!
hope they do him justice x

Thomcat Thu 16-Jun-05 21:07:07

Watching hon' thanks.

RTKangaMummy Thu 16-Jun-05 21:08:17


JakB Thu 16-Jun-05 21:12:15

Have taped but not keen on the phrase 'strangest'!!!!!

emmamama Thu 16-Jun-05 21:12:57

I've been there

RTKangaMummy Thu 16-Jun-05 21:14:25

I know what you mean Jak

I am really sorry I put it in title

Was copying it off Radio Times

Just put it up quickley cos I didn't want you all to miss it

Fio2 Thu 16-Jun-05 21:18:30

i cant watch it, not in the right frame of mind
dont want to be reminded my daughter is strange when she is just who she is

RTKangaMummy Thu 16-Jun-05 21:21:18

perhaps the STRANGEST word means it is a village that is made rather than by people who buy their houses in a village and then hand them down in the fsamily etc

TheVillageIdiot Thu 16-Jun-05 21:23:34

Not sure what I think of it yet

tiredemma Thu 16-Jun-05 21:24:23

i dont like this programme, dont like the title either, feels a bit cruel.

Fio2 Thu 16-Jun-05 21:26:16

the place is called bottom??!

tiredemma Thu 16-Jun-05 21:26:49

botton fio.

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