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That man made sooo much sense.

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Jayzmummy Thu 16-Jun-05 17:38:05

I have had a day off!

DH has looked after J and Ive spent the day being enlightened by John Clements....the shoeless CP!
If anyone ever gets the chance to hear this man speak then I would urge you to go.

I was reduced to tears on a couple of occassions because he spoke so many truths that really struck home. Throughout the whole seminar I had the pleasure of being seated directly behind THE PEAD FROM HELL. I can not tell you how difficult it was for me to stop taking hold of his shoulders and giving him a good shake whilst screaming at him...."ARE YOU LISTENING".

The room was packed to full capacity....over 300 all together...amazed that there were so many people I new....some professionals and others whom I had no idea had AS in their lives.

I wasnt at all surprised to discover that every SENCO from our locality was in attendance EXCEPT for the SENCO from J's old school....somehow that has made me even more certain that J will never set foot in his old school again.

Ive had a lovely day....informative seminar....wonderful lunch with friends and DH has done all the ironing and cooked a fabulous supper. I should do this more often

Oh and for anyone who's interested....he takes his shoes off because he has high arches and wearing shoes irritates his feet when he is standing all day....I asked him

Twiglett Thu 16-Jun-05 17:41:43

sounds fabulous

What's a CP??

Socci Thu 16-Jun-05 17:45:01

Message withdrawn

Jayzmummy Thu 16-Jun-05 17:54:42

Clinical Psychologist.
He really does give the most fantastic talks. Funny, witty and hits the nails right on the head.
im definately going to be buying some of his books to read now.
After the seminar had finished there was a mad rush to leave. My frined and I just sat back and continued to let everyone get stuck in the traffic jam to leave the hotel car park.
John Clements came over and sat with us and chatted about our children....I well and truely picked his brains over the schooling issue we are currently inand he gave me some pretty good pointers to consider.

InternationalGirl Thu 16-Jun-05 21:34:54

Your hubby did the ironing - THAT would make my day. Sounds like John Clements was pretty cool too. Glad you had such a great day - we all need one of those once in awhile.

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