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Getting a carer for dd/dp from ss allocated budget.

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MavisEnderby Tue 03-Nov-09 21:09:39

dd is disabled and dp has a long term chronic illness that means he cannot dothe full on care for our dcs if I am not around.

When his illness was dx 2 years ago I took 18 months off work to care for family.I went back in June.Since June ss have been inputting their crisis team to cover some hours when I work.Usually agency carers.The agency carers are ten pounds ish an hour but now we are being allocated a budget which allows 7.50 ph for a carer.We need to find one ourselves.The trouble is I work shifts that do not have a regular pattern to them ,and the usual care put in is from 7-9 on schooldays in am and 1-3 pm.On weekends they do 7-1.9I work nights)I only work 2 nights per week.I am at a loss as to how I will find a flexible carer who will do such diverse hours for 7.50?

any ideas?

sarah293 Wed 04-Nov-09 07:13:15

Message withdrawn

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