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DS2 says DS1 is weird

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mary21 Tue 03-Nov-09 18:32:25

Hello, We have a problem in that DS2 age 9 tells all his friends of the "weird "things DS1 age 12 does. DS1 is visually impaired and has an ASD. DS2 also has a mild VI and is a bit spectrumy. DS2 then has problems with his friends teasing him about his brother. I was going to talk to his friends mums but my son started it. DS2 admits it bothers him having a "Wierd" brother his words not mine. What to do

PeachyInCarnivalFeathers Tue 03-Nov-09 18:50:36

have you got the book my brother has autism? Its a bit young for a nine year old but still worth leaving about.

TBH though i think this is par for the norm- weget a lot of it.

DS1 calls ds2 King Of Weird and DS3 stupid (we've banned the word and we'reworking on it)

DS2calls autism horrible and ds1 stupid

ds3 can't really call anyone much

(our boys:


ds2- probably dyspraxia,maybe some add)

ds3- autism

It's a kind of heightened normal sibling behaviour, iyswim. Someareas do have sibling groups, or Young Carers which would possibly help?

mary21 Wed 04-Nov-09 09:52:19


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