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So finally been awarded DLA

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mygiddyaunt Tue 03-Nov-09 14:57:10

but feel really sad.
Think it's confirmation that DS is going to struggle in life. Can you all please send me positive vibes and tell me to stop feeling sorry for myself.
Have name changed btw so you dont all think I am a self pitying PITA.

busybeingmum Tue 03-Nov-09 15:19:37

Message withdrawn

mygiddyaunt Tue 03-Nov-09 18:23:35

thanks for that. Thats a good idea. I am going to go make a list now.

lou031205 Tue 03-Nov-09 18:40:12

I cried, out of relief that I wouldn't have to appeal, and out of sadness that to get HRC first time, she must have been 'convincing' on paper. 'Tis par for the course, I suspect.

mygiddyaunt Tue 03-Nov-09 18:47:15

Glad tis not just me then. Perhaps I am slightly in denial but this is affirmation that I have a disabled child hence why I am upset?

lou031205 Tue 03-Nov-09 19:06:56

Because secretly you hope you are exaggerating, making things up, and this is black and white, concrete. Welcome to Holland... <<boak>> wink

mygiddyaunt Tue 03-Nov-09 19:46:30

Oh no! I dont want to be in Holland! I want to be in Italy.
Actually Holland makes me happy so I am not going to wallow any more

chopstheduck Wed 04-Nov-09 14:07:06

I agree with lou!

When I opened our letter I burst into tears! I don't think you are being self pitying at all.

The first thing I did was then went and booked him a course of swimming lessons. The stuff that he has had from his dla has made things so much better.

misscutandstick Thu 05-Nov-09 18:02:03

DS5's DLA is going to pay for a private EP to help towards statementing.

Its also paid for a well needed holiday! and days out where we can enjoy being a family together rather than reviews, appts, therapists and all the rest of it!

positiveattitudeonly Thu 05-Nov-09 18:23:49

So glad that it is not just me!!
I waited 4 months to be warded DLA, then was in a right state when it came through, saying "She's not THAT bad, and I should just get on with it". Actually, DD3 WAS that bad, but we have only accepted that looking back on it now.
It made me feel really guilty for admitting that life was difficult looking after DD3. As a mum I should have just got on with it because I loved her is how I felt. But it has made life so much easier now that I have reduced working hours to be able to care for her properly.


Duritzfan Thu 05-Nov-09 18:41:42

I waited for four years before claiming DLA .. I know exactly how you feel.. I just kept trying to deny the whole thing ..but now it helps us do things we wouldnt have got to do otherwise which I feel is some compensation for all the difficulties..
Its the only way to look at it I think , x

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