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Anyone applied to DLA for a baby less than 6mths????

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WavesTheWhiteFlag Mon 02-Nov-09 21:48:50


I really need some help asap. I am applying for DLA for my DS whos nearly 5mths. He doesnt haven't a dx and suffers from neurological probs with this muscle tone and reflexs. He has poor head control, little core strength and can have stiff limbs if he doesn't keep up with physio.

What I want to know is if you applied for DLA with a very young baby, what on earth did you write? Cos of course they can't walk, dress themselves, eat, etc etc etc.

Things I was thinking of mentioning are -

Special chair for sitting
SALT for weaning

Not sure what else I can say as most kiddies his age need lots of help anyway.

Any tips greatly appreciated grin

herjazz Mon 02-Nov-09 22:28:05

yes I did. Claimed at 3 months

Obv can't tell you what to write - you've just got to think of all the stuff you do that isn't run of the mill for babies without probs. So expand on what you've suggested - how long in chair, how much physio etc

Spend a couple of days writing down a log of all that you, how long it takes. Include EVERYTHING

Put down every professional involved in yr dc's care so they can be contacted - especially as you do not have diagnosis

Might take a while but if successful you should be backdated - 3 months before date of application (but not for child under 3 months is how it used to be)

feelingbetter Mon 02-Nov-09 22:31:26

We did it when DS was tiny - maybe 5 months. memory is poor and I can't find photocopy blush but here is a thread I posted on at about that time.

You can search my name if you like, I'm sure there were more, but it seems so long ago now, and scarily close to renewal!

feelingbetter Mon 02-Nov-09 22:35:50

Mention waking in the night, changes of clothes, how difficult changing, feeding and bathing are due to muscle tone.

It is hard because it's already your normal. I found it very difficult (and depressing) to do, even though our SNHV did it for us in about 2 hours.
Have you got one who could help?

Sometimes all the 'extras' you do need to be pointed out to you.

dobby2001 Mon 02-Nov-09 22:58:10

I used to write supporting letters for children with cycstic fibrosis and advise parents on how to claim. What the claim needs to highlight is anything you do/is required that is over and above what you would require for a child of the same age who does not have the medical needs of your child.

If you are unsure, google some developmental charts for your childs age and see what they say as a comparison smile


devientenigma Tue 03-Nov-09 10:13:24

Again we got this from 3 month old and it was the hospital sw who filled it out and sent it off. Although do agree with checking charts etc.

WavesTheWhiteFlag Tue 03-Nov-09 20:44:52

Thanks for the tips. I haven't got anyone who can help fill it in, and to be honest I'm not sure where to start. Its really hard as I don't see him as 'disabled'. Also he is reponding well to physio, so again its difficult. Do you think I should write it almost as if he wasn't having physio and therefore would be a lot worse??

He doesn't need any hep during the night (yet!) so does this mean he won't be entitled to anything but the lower rate?

WavesTheWhiteFlag Fri 06-Nov-09 19:49:26


used2bthin Fri 06-Nov-09 20:11:56

I did, and got higher rate when DD was three months. Contact a family sent a support worker out to my house to help me fill in the forms and it was surprising the stuff she had me include. Like the fact that DDs meds made her sick a lot so in the night I (in worst case type thing) may be changing bedclothes, her clothes etc and be up for fifteen mins with that.

I'd really recommend asking someone to help you, contact a family were great. Also a supposrting note from your consultant if poss. Good luck!

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