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Birthday Party

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cyberseraphim Mon 02-Nov-09 11:40:44

I want to invite a child with mobility problems to DS2's birthday party. However it is in a Soft Play cafe. There is an area for practising walking and watching DVDs but I'm worried the venue will seem insensitive. How would you feel ? DS1 has no problems with Soft Play but I'm trying to think how I would feel if someone invited him to a chess championship or something !

anonandlikeit Mon 02-Nov-09 12:07:57

HI Cyber, i'd say invite him. I have shoved ds2 up many a soft play area stair case & rolled him down the slide.
Honestly, unless he has a condition that makes him fragile then i'd say a bit of rough & tumble in soft play is excellent physio grin

busybeingmum Mon 02-Nov-09 12:28:15

Message withdrawn

cyberseraphim Mon 02-Nov-09 12:31:22

Oh I am going to invite - not inviting is a far worse option but there is still the worry factor about offending by inviting to a party full of NT monsters charging about.

waitingforgodot Mon 02-Nov-09 12:35:00

Hi Cyber, I would imagine the parents will stay with the child? I say go for it!

Phoenix4725firestarter Mon 02-Nov-09 14:04:08

ds has moblity issues alonside his others and he has recently been to a multi sports party with 26 nt 5 year olds ok he could not join in the football but he did soft play mix of crawling and wobbling , he had a ball. to the mum

cloelia Tue 03-Nov-09 15:05:17

I'd say always, always invite; parent can refuse for whatever reasons they choose if they want to; my wheelchair dd has always thought she is exactly like everyone else and has been distraught once or twice on being left out. Eventually i could no longer heave her around the soft play places but we still went and took something else to do there instead. eg, Twister where she is the caller.

cyberseraphim Tue 03-Nov-09 16:06:38

Thanks for all the advice - it's at the end of November so will let you know how it goes.

glittery Tue 03-Nov-09 16:43:03

we were just at a party at the weekend at Adventure Planet, which is like soft play and big chutes, most of the kids were in wheelchairs and the adults were allowed to go in with them, the ones that didnt want to (like ds) were happy to watch the others playing and there was also a wee arcade bit with video games,soft toy grabby things etc.
everyone had a great time, wheelchair or not smile

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