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OT coming to do Sensory Profile tomorrow

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lou031205 Sun 01-Nov-09 21:11:24

Looking at the form, I'm guessing DD will come out quite extreme. Has anyone had any useful intervention following the profile, or is it just information without action?

mysonben Sun 01-Nov-09 23:13:36

Well it's not an OT who did a sensory profile of DS, but Bibic therapist. He showed us simple exersises to do with DS. And sent us a detailed printout of what we are to do.
So had to get together a sensory box for him, diferents textured materials, massager,... and do the sensory therapy programme for 20 mins a day, ideally each and every day.

ouryve Sun 01-Nov-09 23:18:23

I've filled in countless for both boys and had little feedback. I was eventually told I seemed to be on top of it and needed no help. (Of course I am, I could hardly sit down and do nothing while I waited a year for an initial appointment!)

borderslass Mon 02-Nov-09 06:11:05

we've got OT coming tomorrow to do this she reckons our son has sensory processing disorder we've known hes had severe problems for years but several OT's have said they can't do anything This one never met our son but so far has been the biggest help explaining all the things he does to cope with his problems.She has said theres not a lot can be done just coping methods.

magso Mon 02-Nov-09 15:09:11

Ds (10) was assessed recently and we were sent information sheets and a list of things to do for a 'sensory diet'. We had an additional sensory integration session with advice on where to look for information to set up our own room. Sadly the OT left ( lack of funding I think) and ds will not get NHS follow up. Ds was originally seen by the OT at age nearly 7 (after a years wait - he has coordination motor and sensory difficulties) before his ASD dx and discharged without treatment because the OT said they were not allowed to treat children over 6.

lou031205 Mon 02-Nov-09 18:41:17

Thanks for all the replies. Shows it varies from area to area, as always hmm

She came today, and recommended "The Out-of-Sync child" wink.

DD will score quite highly on lots of areas, she has confirmed.

She is leaving sad and not being replaced shock but has said that although she has had to be brutal with her caseload, she is recommending DD as a case that requires regular input and continued therapy <<sigh of relief emoticon>>

Lots of ideas to be getting on with, and full report to follow. She is recommending full 1:1 to the statementing officer, which is helpful.

She will also refer to wheelchair services for a maclaren, has put a rocket up physio, because they claim DD can climb stairs easily (based on a set of three steps in a physio clinic) when DD struggles even with an adapted handrail, and is going to investigate how to order a weighted vest. DD will also be sent a chew toy through the post to try and limit what goes in her mouth.

So a very positive vist, lots to be getting on with.

lou031205 Tue 03-Nov-09 18:42:51

OT phoned today - will bring vest next week.

Report showed definite difference on several areas, so DD will need lots of adult help at school, she said sad.

mysonben Tue 03-Nov-09 23:39:00

I'm glad your OT visit went well and that she is pushing for help and support for your DD.

Reading reports always get me down , it isn't easy to see these things written about our children.
Take care.

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