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SALT advice might help others

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debs40 Thu 29-Oct-09 20:12:32

The son who saw my SALT sent me these recommendations which might help others. Firstly,
Mind reading

And also the Inclusion Development Programme (IDP) materials which are targeted for schools but may contain useful elements for at home IDP

She also recommended Baron-Cohen's Transporters which I've found here

Hope some of it might help

madsadlibrarian Thu 29-Oct-09 22:33:46

Your salt sounds like a useful lady (or man) to know
Just a suggestion as the disk is quite pricy - could u borrow the disk from the salt before buying to check how your child gets on with it- we got this for our 9 year old a few months back as he was diagnosed with aspergers - we found even the most basic level too difficult for him - we have just got transporters and it is much much better for his level.
I'm not saying Mind reading is "no good" - it was very impressive - and has material I think I could usefully work through - it is just my child didn't respond to it.

debs40 Thu 29-Oct-09 22:52:35

Thanks. I was wondering about that as it mentioned teenagers and adults on a write up. I will ask.

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