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brilliant new OT

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borderslass Wed 28-Oct-09 17:28:06

We were told by letter years ago that my son was hypersensitive with no explanation,since then he has had some quite bizarre behavior which we thought he was getting to big for he comes home from school and strips down to his boxers and then wraps himself in either a quilt or blanket, refuses to have his curtains open,will only wear certain fabrics,eat certain foods and has always hated noise and crowded places,but today I've finally been told that he has Sensory processing disorder as well as low muscle tone and she also explained it to me and she is going to come back and help me fill in a sensory profile so we can help him.I'm quite annoyed that its taken 5 different OT's to come to this conclusion as she is the only one who didn't meet him(hes never had a proper full time OT since the age of 6)he's 15 and if we'd been told this years ago we could of prevented lots of battles with him.

lou031205 Wed 28-Oct-09 18:15:01

That's great! Perhaps drop a line to her boss - best accolade in NHS work IMO.

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