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Carer's Allowance

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chinchi Wed 28-Oct-09 07:15:06

After DS was awarded the middle rate care component of DLA a couple fo weeks ago, I completed and sent of the form to claim Carer's Allowance.

How long does this usually take to be awarded? Many thanks.

misscutandstick Wed 28-Oct-09 07:17:35

Usually up to just a couple of weeks.

chinchi Wed 28-Oct-09 07:41:44

Thanks misscutandstick Hopefully should hear from them soon, if the postal strikes don't delay things!

chopstheduck Wed 28-Oct-09 15:35:01

I think I had money in the bank even before I got the award letter, so hopefully you will get it soon, even if the letter does take a while.

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