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DLA question re adding mobility claim

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grumpyoldeeyore Mon 26-Oct-09 14:08:00

We get high care rate for DS3. When we applied he was not old enough for mobility. If we apply for mobility when he is old enough do they look again at the care claim or just the new bit? We've only had it about 5 months and if we did not resubmit for mobility would be ok with current rate for 2 years. Its not that I think DS is not still eligible for high rate of care but was surprised we got it without a fight and worried we might get a more stingy assessor if we went bak for more.

nikos Mon 26-Oct-09 14:26:50

We're doing this too and they do look at the whole claim again. But a man on the phone said to just put NO CHANGE when you get the pack to fill in the forms again. I haven't filled it in yet as don't want to lose claim, but I will do as if there is NO CHANGE then surely they haven't got a hope of cancelling our original award? Do they?!!!

Psychotrace2 Mon 26-Oct-09 15:30:48

we to have to do this when shes 3 in june and been told we could lose all or some off dd care, but i will put no change in care needs as for now its worse not better!

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