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Developing emotional maturity?

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HairyMaclary Sun 25-Oct-09 18:53:28

I've just posted the message below on behaviour and development without mentioning the SN as I don't want this issue to be brushed off as just part of his Special Needs. However it is becoming more obvious that this needs some attention. DS has cerebral palsy although he seems to be cognitively ok I'm not sure how true that can ever be with physical disability. I think that emotional imaturiy coupled with physical disability could be very disabling and I'd like to work on the emotional side.

DS is 4.10 and started reception this year. All is going very well and his confidence and self esteem has improved massively. He loves school etc. However I and school have noticed that emotionally, and to a lesser degree socially, he is very immature.

He has major tantrums daily and finds it very hard to express himself about his feelings, I have only ever heard him say once 'I am angry'. I would say that his is his major issue but there are many other little ones such as reacting too fast to normal childhood things like taking toys away, but conversely not reacting when anyone says something 'demeaning'. For example he would never say, No I'm not, if someone called him a baby - he would just look blank! (part of this is to do with his slower processing of speech, but I'd like to find a way to speed up his responses if possible!)

To a certain extent a lot of this is normal (and I'm not expressing it very well!) but I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas for any ways to support him in developing emotional maturity. He really needs to learn to express himself without tantrumming and I'm a bit lost as to how to help him.


Sorry for the ramble, not feeling 100% but need to get this down in someway or other, it's been bugging me.

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