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Care quality commision

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aconcernedcarer Sat 24-Oct-09 21:00:44

I was a occasional poster until the DM thing and was scared off, as even though I was careful not to comprimise any of my clients data, it made me think twice about discussing anything related to the type of work I do.

I have name changed for this just incase too.

Anyway on with the post...

A new regulatory body came into operation in April of this year, the Care quality commision and I have a few worries about them and what their purpose is for. Looking at their website on the face of it they look as if they are there to ensure a good level of service in health and social care.

What is worrying me is that I now have to fill out a form detailing what my mileage claim was for and what "targets" were met by the client. Also have to return to my employer the forms which I detail what the client has done when being supported. These forms are then "monitored" by the CQC.

The only thing I can think they need these things for is see where any cut-backs can be made?

aconcernedcarer Sat 24-Oct-09 21:06:05

Forgot to add that so far it seems to be just the work I do through the care agency I work for and not the work I do through DPs.

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