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Waiting times between appointments !!! Ridiculous only not funny...

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mysonben Sat 24-Oct-09 14:36:23

Right DS saw his paed. for a second review back on august the 12th.
She said will discuss his file/case at City Autism Liaison Meeting at next meeting on the 8th of september.
Following CALM we got appointment on 20th of october with consultant paed, for her to review DS and make a decision re: referral to CAMHS. Unfortunately we got phone call that morning to advise us consultant paed was off sick so it was cancelled.
Got new appointment through this morning...17th of november! shock

That's nearly a whole month between the cancelled app. and the re-scheduled one!
I'm not happy to say the least.
Things are moving so slowly!
That's just over 3 months of waiting between paed. decision to refer on further and appointment with consultant.

Unbelievable! sad and angry

debs40 Sat 24-Oct-09 15:08:58

I really understand your frustration. We are lost in the system too with no idea as to when the next step will be taken.

I emailed the NAS a while back about waiting times etc and they confirmed that there is currently no official set of guidelines on how long an assessment should take or what should be involved. However, there is a National Autism Plan for Children that has been produced as guidance on good practice in autism diagnosis. It is not binding but provides some interesting ideas about time limits and what constitutes an effective service. "See the plan here"

These things are always good to know when you want to argue the case about delay.

On a purely practical level, I would ring the paediatrician on Monday and explain that you were disappointed that it has taken so long to reschedule and ask whether there is any chance of an earlier appointment, even ask if they can mark you down for a cancellation/standby appointment.

In the scheme of things, doctors will probably think that seing you in November is quite quick but they live in a whole different universe! hmm

debs40 Sat 24-Oct-09 15:10:39

Oh, and I would give the Hampshire Autism Society a ring if you want any guidance on local protocols for diagnosis etc. They do say they offer support and advice through the diagnostic process.

mysonben Sat 24-Oct-09 16:02:38

Thanks Debs.
National autism plan for children was informative.

I seem to understand that CAMHS is for children over 5??? Or maybe i didn't get that right. DS is 4 next month. hmm surely the paed wouldn't go down the CAMHS route if it's likely for them to turn round and say he 's not 5 yet!!!
Will discuss that when we see paed at next app.

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