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Anyone had garden work funded by a charity other than the Family Fund?

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glittery Sat 24-Oct-09 14:07:13

Has anyone had work done in their garden which has been funded by a charity other than the family fund?

We need some fencing and decking in order to make the garden safe for when glitteryboy gets his powerchair as we are on a hill and one end of the garden has quite a slope.

When the driveway was extended to fit the WAV it created a drop of about a foot at the end of it which drops onto the slope and the cheapest way to level this off seems to be decking (10ft x 5.5ft, quoted £300) cant level it off with soil as its against the neighbours fence and would rot it.
Also need a fence, approx 2ft high and 48ft long (not priced yet!), running along the path at the side of the house into the back garden to section off the flat area from the slope so he doesnt end up rolling down it and crashing into the fence!

Any ideas?

sarah293 Sat 24-Oct-09 16:25:14

Message withdrawn

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