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Off to BIBIC we go......

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heartinthecountry Tue 14-Jun-05 10:02:57

Heading off to BIBIC today. Quite excited/nervous/apprehensive but looking forward to it. Will report in when we get back.

coppertop Tue 14-Jun-05 10:10:07

Ooooh! Best of luck, HITC. xx

Jayzmummy Tue 14-Jun-05 10:13:49

Dont forget your swimmies and your own tea and coffee if your staying at the bungalow. A few of your dvd's are a good idea to put in as well.
Hope it all goes well for you.

Davros Tue 14-Jun-05 10:40:48

Oh great! Have been meaning to email you to see how things are going and how the workshop was. Will wait to hear everything on your return.

Blossomhill Tue 14-Jun-05 11:03:19

Oh I didn't know you was going HITC. Good luck and let us know how you get on xxx

essbee Tue 14-Jun-05 11:06:47

Message withdrawn

Merlot Tue 14-Jun-05 12:53:07

Best of Luck HITC

essbee Tue 14-Jun-05 13:10:41

Message withdrawn

Fio2 Thu 16-Jun-05 10:53:07

good luck

Davros Sun 19-Jun-05 22:55:12

Dying to hear how it went......

Socci Sun 19-Jun-05 22:56:29

Message withdrawn

heartinthecountry Mon 20-Jun-05 10:08:47

Hi everyone! Got back yesterday evening.

It was really good. Nothing radical or amazing but I wasn't expecting that. All staff were lovely and very professional. I think their assessment of dd was really accurate and the programme they have given us is good. I do wonder slightly how 'individually tailored' their programmes are as it does appear that every child who goes there is given a sensory massage as part of it for e.g!

I think for me, the most important aspect was that it has re-focussed me and given me a set plan of things to do so that I don't just sit there thinking 'oh I should be doing some therapy with dd but what do I do?'.

I also think it will fit in well with the ABA programme and am sure her tutors will enjoy doing some of the sensory and physio stuff as 'breaks' in the ABA teaching.

Also HUGE PLUS - it was probably even more useful for dh. Tbh he has never really shown much interest in dd's therapy but I think that is probably because it has been hard for him to be involved. I think the 3 days at BIBIC really inspired him. At the end of it I tentatively said "maybe you could do some of her programme at the weekends" and he replied that he thought he would really LIKE to do it. He also said he enjoyed chatting to the other families there (he has always avoided 'disability') and could finally understand why I get so much out of mumsnet!! So, for me, even if we got nothing else out of going, that would be enough!

DD of course loved having so much attention for 3 days. She is also doing so well at the moment. Lots of things seem to be 'clicking' into place. Not sure if it is because of the ABA/BIBIC stuff but suddenly she is imitating loads (was copying her 3 year old cousin stacks at the weekend) and we are seeing much more imaginiative play (teddy waving, jumping, clapping etc, often un-prompted) and the other night in the bath she actually washed herself - took the flannel from me and rubbed it all over her tummy, then down her legs etc - was flabbergasted!!

Sorry - rambled a bit - just feeling enthusiastic!

Socci Mon 20-Jun-05 10:14:17

Message withdrawn

Davros Mon 20-Jun-05 10:33:16

HITC, so pleased to hear it went well. I think its perfect to fit in with your ABA prog and sounds really relevant to your DD. It does seem that a visit to BIBIC really affects the DHs in a positive way, its worth going just for that I reckon! Even if they don't get to do much in the long term, at least they've got an idea what is going on and why. Lovely news about her copying and washing herself etc!

heartinthecountry Mon 20-Jun-05 10:34:31

Hi Socci - we have just started ABA - so only really a week as last week was out due to being at BIBIC. Too early to tell really but I think it is going to be good once we can get dd to comply!! Finding a motivating enough reinforcer is proving harder than I thought.

Davros Mon 20-Jun-05 10:36:58

God HITC, finding reinforcers, a nightmare! Mind you, if she's starting to play and likes toys it might be worth a look at Hawkins Bazaar and Woollies?? DS's first big r+ was water from a bottle!!!

heartinthecountry Mon 20-Jun-05 10:37:13

Crossed posts Davros - yes, absolutely worth it just to get dh more 'on board'!

heartinthecountry Mon 20-Jun-05 10:45:23

crossed again! We have been trying books as she loves them but I'm not sure she is connecting doing the action with getting the book IYSWIM.

Davros Mon 20-Jun-05 11:03:37

That is the key really, making the connection that doing X gets you Y. Its very early days though, they usually make that connection and then its there......

Fio2 Mon 20-Jun-05 15:27:28

glad it went so well and it was encouraging for dh

Merlot Mon 20-Jun-05 16:58:51

I'm glad you found it worthwhile hitc . Have to admit that I'm not fully up and running with the whole sensory programme yet! Your post has made me get the BIBIC folder out again.

Hope you dont mind me asking, but what is the ABA programme?

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