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statementing help, phonological speech disorder and verbal dyspraxia

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twinmum2005 Fri 23-Oct-09 10:17:59

Hi just wondered if anyone has received a statement for their child with the above, my little boy has the above and ep saying not to apply for a statement, but I have evidence that the teacher does struggle to understand him at times, as do I, feel deflated after the meeting yesterday, just wondered if anyone has sucessfully got a statement, how many hours, and any advice please! xx

lou031205 Fri 23-Oct-09 11:10:59

Thread here from 2004, statement of 18.5hrs 1:1

Thread from NM's, 15 hrs 1:1

EP can't tell you not to. You have a right to. Visit

twinmum2005 Tue 27-Oct-09 21:39:20

thanks x

sweetluar Wed 28-Oct-09 22:06:42

Sorry I can not provide much help.

We are quite sure that ds has dyspraxia, for him it's not only speech but coordination and handwriting is really poor (fine motor skills). I had to contact my GP and ask for a referral to see a specialist. He has been seen by an occupational therapist and a consultant, and he is on a waiting list for psychologist (not from school). The occupational therapist recognised many of his problems and is going to his school to implement a programme. He can't have a statement without seeing the psychologist first. He on this waiting list since July and we went to see the GP a quite long ago, I think it was around March or April last year.

My ds is already 8 years old and as you can see it can take a long time to get to this point. He has been having problems at school since nursery really (main speech at that time)and has been seen by many speech therapist, which helped a little but not much. Now his limitations has got really bad that he is frustrated and it is affecting his behaviour; his peers have already noticed that he has SN and unfortunately that means he gets bullied a lot.

I'm not sure how old is your child but you might want to see your GP, although it takes a long time, it is quicker than waiting for a school referral. I wish I'd gone to see the GP earlier, but the school insisted they would send their own referral, they insisted he had autism when I knew they were wrong. He has been seen by many school psychologist and they have found nothing psychological related apart from difficulties with speech and that he wasn't using his potential at school. Now the occupational therapist and the consultant think it might be dyspraxia and we are waiting.

Sorry about the rant..... and long post.

I wish all the best to you and your DS.

Mishee Thu 29-Oct-09 16:45:45

Writing as a mummy of 3 year old with verbal dyspraxia and as a teacher. You will only get a statement if what is currently being provided is not enabling your child to make progress. My DD is having weekly speech therapy (once again I bow down to the wonderful NHS) & making progress so is not likely to get a statement. If your child is not making satisfactory (horrible word, but the correct one) progress with the provision provided, then you are on the right path by requesting a statement. Has the school written any IEPs for him? I beleive you need 3 in place before applying for a statement. I have requested nursery start one for my DD 'just in case'. Hope this helps.

Phoenix4725 Fri 30-Oct-09 06:30:12

ds has verbal dyspraxia as well as mld we got a statement mostly based on that he needs help mostly with communicating hes 4.3 and does have a receptive delay , think it all depends on how severe the dyspraxia is

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