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short breaks and play scheme.

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staryeyed Thu 22-Oct-09 15:29:54

Tell me about short breaks and play schemes. Im really confused about how they work. I want DS1 to go to a summer play scheme so he doesn't get bored like he did this summer. DO I need someone to refer me? Do I ask for a SS assessment. I looked it up on the council website and the play schemes seems to suggest that unless we are on benefits we won't get a place at a play scheme but I thought that's what short breaks are for. I asked for information form my key worker but was given a form to fill in and no real info about how it works. How does it work in your area?

bonkerz Thu 22-Oct-09 15:33:11

i had to get a child in need assessment to get any funding for DSs playscheme BUT he could have gone if i paid...if you need help via SS then i would ring and say you want a child in need assessment and then explain why you need help and how it will benefit your family.

donkeyderby Thu 22-Oct-09 15:42:39

Playschemes will be run by all sorts of different organisations and not just the council, so will have their own criteria. Our SLD-friendly one is a charity and SS sometimes pays for a place, but we pay for a (heavily subsidised) place ourselves and book it ourselves. We don't need a referal but places are scarce. I've known the useless fuckwits at SS to forget to fill in the forms for playschemes meaning children don't get a place. There is no way I'd forget!!!

Presumably you will need to make sure the playscheme is suitable and the council so you may need to contact a local children's disability advice service or LA childcare info team to find out what's on offer.

Surely the point of having a key worker is that things like this can be explained...! Can you go back to them and ask them to explain why you are filling in the form?

BobbingForPeachys Thu 22-Oct-09 15:55:28

Here its SS for playschemes, unless you want an LEA one (where they are free to leave if they wish so a no no for us)

Davros Thu 22-Oct-09 16:20:52

We access in-borough schemes via SS, but we use lots out-of-borough (being in fairly central London, boroughs are quit close together). I pay for these with my Direct Payments if I have enough OR myself if I don't and they are also subsidised so pretty reasonable. You say Summer scheme, what about Xmas? Try to get started sooner if poss. Short Breaks is this new Govt initiative where extra funds have been made available to be used in various ways. "Short breaks" can cover all sorts of provision from home-based support, befriending, places on schemes, places on residential holidays, places at holiday schemes, new schemes etc etc. There is supposed to be lots of parent consultation and involvement to decide how it should be provided. I get confused with Short Breaks and Aiming Low as I call it!), whether SB is part of Aiming High (as it should be called), completely separate or ????

Davros Thu 22-Oct-09 16:22:24

Stary, just realised its you! There should be quite a lot available where you are, IPop, Resources for Autism and other things I don't know about. Are you a member of Barnet NAS branch? You could probably get info from them or Christine at YASS!

magso Thu 22-Oct-09 16:45:34

Every area seems to be different.
We have a sn holiday play scheme run on behalf of mencap. We usually get 4 - 5 part days each summer and apply and pay (highly subsidised)ourselves. SS pay for some children and some children get a higher allocation on a needs basis. This year we got more because I was ill. In addition there are some referral only schemes (not yet up and running) as part of the short breaks/ respite thing run in conjunction with LEA respite facilities.
I asked for help (I was very ill) via disabled childrens team 6 months ago and are still waiting for respite approval. We may get dps to help fund a few hours with a carer, they have mentioned enabling schemes (where a trainer/ facilitator helps child join in with nt clubs on a tempory basis) and possibly joining activities at the respite centre once up and running. Davros is spot on - it takes some time!!!

anonandlikeit Thu 22-Oct-09 19:36:17

ds2 has used a sn playscheme it is a standard rate per session (same as any nt playscheme)& they provide the level of support your child needs 1to1 or greater if needed.
I guess by the high dtaff ratio & the minimal cost to parents there must be external grant funding somewhere.
There didn't seem to be any referal or qualifying criteria, i just phoned the lady, she sent out all the forms (mainly about his needs) & that was it!

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