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dd4 strikes again! aaarrrggghhh

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drlove8 Thu 22-Oct-09 12:26:01

dd4 is driving me bonkers! . i cant cope today!
yesterday was bad .... i took her and ds4 (her twin) to mcdonnalds yesterday for lunch.
it was busy, it was a mistake!
She screamed her head off, refused to eat or ddrink anything , stripped off her boots and jeans and ran about screaming "help ,help, ionamy! ". We took her to PIL , she wrecked their house too !shock
She wouldnt eat her tea , didnt sleep last ight and is a monster child from hell today!
she has hit her brother , tried to bite me, trew her breakfast on the floor , ate her twins breakfast instead, threw clean washing on the flooor and poured juice on it, strewn taoys everywhere, poo smeared, and thrown my new expensive cordless house phone down the bog.
all this in the time it took to draw her a bath. which for the last hour ive been trying to get her into!

what has happened to my lovely daughter?
she has been replaced by an evil clone!
why is her melatonin not working anymore?
can she be adhd as well as asd/gdd? or is this her hitting the "terrible twos" at 4?

oh just caught her binning ds4`s juice cup (roary racing car , his favorite one ).

waitingforgodot Thu 22-Oct-09 12:33:14

dont have any advice for you-just sympathy.Keep posting on here if you feel its driving you crazy.

drlove8 Thu 22-Oct-09 12:42:56

i usually do, a lot !
im begining to sound a right moaner, i just dont have anyone in RL that really understands what parenting a SN child is like. all my friends have NT children , and whilst they are sympathetic , they cant get their heads around the fact that "telling k off ", just doesnt work as she doesnt understand.
bug*er - there i go moaning again blush

magso Thu 22-Oct-09 12:45:54

Oh dear! ( HUG)
My sympathy! Why is it always the clean washing that gets mucked up, the expensive stuff thrown down the loo or the stairs??
Ds was into all this experimental science too! He has a lot of sensory needs but not the understanding of a mummy yet!! He also got worse if he was growing or coming down with something. And some foods ( well cola)could send everyone else round the bend!! Would she like to sit in an empty bath and experiment with water/ bath pens?

drlove8 Thu 22-Oct-09 12:52:30

oooh magso - thats a great idea ! she loves drawing ! and it might get her "used" to the bath as a fun place , instead of a scary place (she hates getting shampooed /soaped )
where do you get bath pens?
how many bath mats would you recomend using for this?
she has a bath seat at the moment , but its getting bit of a struggle to get her to sit in it.
can you get larger bath seats?

drlove8 Thu 22-Oct-09 12:54:19

i think the sound of running water is a "trigger" , she knows whats comming ! wink

Marne Thu 22-Oct-09 13:23:59

Oh, i was going to ask on here about bathe seats as dd2 is getting stuck in her's but i'm worried about not using on as she wont sit still.

With dd1 we filled the bath with play balls from her ball pit and each time added a bit more water.

Its so hard when they are being naughty (not doing what you would like them to do), dd2 keeps climbing on the tv cabinet and side board, when i shout 'no climbing' at her she just repeats 'no climbing' and smiles at me. Its hard to know how much they understand, dd2 doesn't seem to understand 'get down', 'no climbing' or 'don't do that' but if i say 'dd2 want biscuit?' she's straight over with her hand out hmm.

I don't take mine out together unless dh is with me and if we go to McDonalds we go through the drive through and eat in the car (i'm a wimp).

Dd2 is a night-mare to take out as she has to screech or shout in each shop/building we go into to see if it echo's.

drlove8 Thu 22-Oct-09 14:02:38

lol marne ! sounds like our dd`s would get on like a house on fire / or try to out screatch each other .
my dd4 does the "get down, dont do that , get down dont do that , get down dont do that " all day long after she hears that .
am worried that when she goes to school , when asked by teacher what her name is she'll reply "get down dont do that " ! hmm
she`s happy as a clam right now - shreading yesterdays newspaper ! - more mess ! arrrrgh ( but at least shes stoped screaming , for now )grin

CAMSAW3 Thu 22-Oct-09 15:20:54

do you have an ASD family advisory team in your area? i've had them out to my 2.they come out & work at your house & set up routines etc. until you feel you can do it yourself . one they did for me was a card with a child on with mouth opened (shouting) and a line through it . you show them the card and say "stop shouting". my dd did not like it.

you can use different kind of cards for somethings. got to do school run hope this is of some help any way

drlove8 Thu 22-Oct-09 15:47:05

Im not sure tbh. will ask the peadi when we see her next . the card thing sounds like the pecs system we are using at the mo.... dd4 isnt keen on that either ...hmm
We had potty training breakthrough just a moment ago ! dd4 actually used the toilet and did a poo! grin Tmi alert !!!!
this is so exciting because we`ve been trying for years months to crack the potty thing with her. today i moved her potty onto the
big toilet (one of those fisher price ones that the bottom comes off so it fits on a toilet) just being curious as to how it would fit , and i was called away by ds4 and forgot id left it there . dd4 started saying "yuck" and went into the bathroom. i followed (always highly suspisious of dd4 after the flooding incident) and she was mid poo .... so i sat her on the loo/potty and she finnished what she had started .! then she washed her hands with minimal prompting! .... unfortually she has also stripped her clothes off again ... but i suppose you cant have everything !
Does this mean she's went from horror to darling in less than 10 minutes ? i think so ....grin (as long as i can get a cup of tea )

CAMSAW3 Thu 22-Oct-09 16:24:57

thats great news, not about the stripping. but they always seem to suprise you when you least expected it with things.when dd did her first wee on toilet i said she could have a choc buttons, it worked. or you could always do a star chart for her when shes done a wee/poo.
going to put dinner on now hope you have more good luck with the toilet.

catkinq Thu 22-Oct-09 16:49:35

with my ds1 I find that the problem is that he is so crss or upset when he flips that nothing can get through to him - he cannot deal with his emotions as they appear too strong so any kind of sanctions do not work. Also with both dd and ds1 the usual carrots, like start charts, etc don't work as they are not interested in the kind o fthings that NT children are (and I hav enot found anything that they do want enough) and the usual sticks (which all boils down to withdrawal of attention) don't have any effect as they are not that bothered about gettgin attention. All I find works is trying to come up with compromises that we can all, as a family,live with - ie I basically look at what tehy want adn work out if they can have i twithout impinging too much on anyone else. Obviously all my friends with NT children see this as me going in and creating the problem in teh first place which does get to me at times bu tI figure that you really do have to pick your battles very carefully with any children anywhere on the AS because basically you are unlikely to win them.

magso Thu 22-Oct-09 17:20:25

Hi DrLove8. What a star!

Bath pens- well we got ours from john lewis but as ds is 9 its a while back now. They do stain the tile grout slightly though. I used a thick extra long bath mat (cant remember was it from GLT co?), with sucker on cushion ( head rest type) at the end ( to protect head if fell)but as I only have the one could dance attendance! Ds took a violent dislike to a textured bathmat (prickly!). Actually he loved playing in a large mop bucket - sort of wedged him in and he could not fall. The difficulty might be understanding only to draw in the bath - ds could not understand (still draws on walls given half a chance!)
The thing that got dx happy to play in the bath eventually ( at 4.5 -5) was playmobil - little boats and pirates kept for the bath.

Nothing like shredding paper though!

drlove8 Fri 30-Oct-09 13:25:53

another day - another meltdown ! <sigh> today dd4 was quite happy kicking me .... told her no , now is in meltdown.... begining to wonder if she has adhd as well ?(very like her brother at times)
We have trouble getting her not to draw on walls too ! - obviously our tastefull neutral wall are not to dd4`s liking . hmm

MumOfThreeMonkeys Fri 30-Oct-09 17:33:11

drlove8 your dd sounds exactly like my 5.4 year old dd, she has asd and moderate/severe learning difficulties. she gets a huge thrill out of kicking me and using me as a punch bag, she is also very keen on destroying everything in her path, she can't sit still for 30 seconds- i was thinking that she has adhd also. melatonin has stopped working and she seems to be getting worse behaved.

BTW i have given up on the whole mcdonalds thing- so not worth the stress grin

drlove8 Sat 31-Oct-09 21:22:35

LOL mumofthreemonkeys ! i too am boycoting mcdonalds when ive git dd4 - its drivethroughs or nothing now! grin

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