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Could he be on the AS?

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JollyPirate Thu 22-Oct-09 11:54:58

DS is nearly 7 and has had ongoing difficulties since pre-school. These have been mainly sensory issues (fear od some noises etc), bad temper tantrums due to frustration and over emotion about things. He was late to talk but once he did spoke ++ loudly. He often asks a question and asks it over and over again and interprets things quite literally having to check "is that a joke" if we say something as a joke for example.

He has been diagnosed with Developmental Coordination Disorder and I know thix can go hand in hand with things like Aspergers. However, both the Speech Therapist and OT who have seen DS have said "definitely NOT autistic".
On the other hand the adults who come into contact with DS in school almost always think he IS on the AS somewhere until told otherwise and the express surprise.
The SENCO who is excellent just says DS is complex as he doesn't fit into any box neatly but also says that the behavioural stratagies they use with the autistic children work well with DS.
DS finds handwriting hard and avoids it and reading development is slow. On the other hand DS is like a sponge and soaks up information - he has good recall going back for years. He likes stories as long as he is not pressured to read.

I am awaiting an appointment with the developmental paediatrician at present and this should take place within the next 6 weeks. I am tempted to ask her about HFA and Aspergers etc to see if we can rule it out.

If he is on the AS (however high functioning) I'd like a diagnosis as I am guessing that the interventions might well help him.

Could it be?

BobbingForPeachys Thu 22-Oct-09 12:06:26

If you look at the checklist on the dyspraxia org website alot of that is coverd by the DCD dx.

However, a SLT or OT cannot dx ASD and is not supposed to be issuing such statements!

I think with DCD you're in a complex overlap (we have 2 asd and one probable dyspraxia (DCD as a term not reached this part of Wales yet LOL). The behaviour stuff clearly overlaps in so many ways, though the distinction in my boys is that ds2 is far more sociable.

From what I can see an assessment is warranted, and you might find ot needs an assessment by a tertiary clinic if there is one where you are (usually people more experienced in co-morbid disorders).

If you'relooking at interventions I would suggest googling BIBIC or DYSCOVERY centres as they are used to children just like yours.

Another place to look is the triad of impairments forASD advice; google NAS TRIAD for a clear version.

TInterventions for ASD kids so often work with non spectrum children because theya re just good sensible practice.

It wouldn't be AS btw, the simple difference between AS and ASD is speech- if there was a speech delay there would be a dx of ASD given, probably HFA (high functioning autism). It's a very common error that people think Aspergers is mild autism- the difference between the two is language and quite often someone with AS and very pronounced sensory issues, social problems etc can present as more disabled than someone with HFA. That top end of the spectrum is tricky, so don't assume that ASD means your child is mroe severe than AS- not the case (we're trying to get our AS child into a SNU place at comp level for example, which many kids with HFA don't need).

magso Thu 22-Oct-09 12:16:15

Hello JollyPirate. I think it is perfectly reasonable (in view of both school and your concerns) to ask for asd to be considered/ruled out. It might be that AS is ruled out but at least you will know!

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