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Is it time to start using the hoist now?

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meltedmarsbars Tue 20-Oct-09 20:57:18

4 days into half term, 10 days since dh went to China on business (again)

My wrists hurt
I have tennis elbow
I keep getting kicked
No respite at mo.

She is 7 and 20kgs of dead weight and I'm fed up.

I know there isn't a right answer, but when did you start hoisting? We have the hoist but I find it impossible to use on my own.

This is my life from now on, isn't it!


MatNanPlus Tue 20-Oct-09 20:59:09

Sorry your having a tough time MMB.

Why do you find it impossible to use alone?

meltedmarsbars Tue 20-Oct-09 21:12:40

I always seem to clunk her on the head when attaching the sling (she can sit up)

LauraIngallsWilder Tue 20-Oct-09 21:17:38

No experienced advice from me Im sorry

Could anyone like an OT or somesuch help you to lift her and use the hoist more easily, to give you strategies to use as she gets heavier still

for you that you are on your own with her and no respite - it must be tough

meltedmarsbars Tue 20-Oct-09 21:31:36

And the weather is foul, so we barely set foot outside today - the 2 others fighting playing with scalectrics cars.

glittery Tue 20-Oct-09 21:34:43

hoists are a terrible faff arent they!

OT came out to "demonstrate" hoisting ds into his various chairs, she started off with the easy nice wide toilet chair then when i presented her with his supported seat which is a really snug fit with a groin harness she really be fair i knew she would and thats why i asked them out! grin the slings they gave me are far too thick and padded, i want the thin ones that stay in the chair but she reckoned these ones would be fine to leave in.

ds kept extending and wasnt playing ball at all, ended up half hanging out the chair like a pun a mince (the scottish contingent will get that!) and she couldnt get the sling out from under him to get the groin harness fastened.

she kept saying it needed two people when there will only ever be me on my own, then said she would pass it on to the manual handling team as a special case!

i await their call!

meltedmarsbars Tue 20-Oct-09 21:51:41

All school etc have to have 2 people to hoist yet expect me (5 fit nuthin) tae dae it on ma ain wi a bairn like a sack o'tatties!!

That good enough Glittery? (Its real not a fake accent but you canna tell oan here!)

cloelia Tue 20-Oct-09 22:43:43

i so know how you feel. I put off and put off using our hoist, went on till child was about 25 kilos then hurt my back. I find it incredible there is no more efficient way to handle a child. Hoisting on your own is a nightmare. i get a certain amount of care assistance but if on my own have to get a friend round to help me put my child to bed etc, otherwise i lose my temper or my cool and child then is v unhappy. The feeling that this is our life now, for ever on, is so ghastly, no one else really gets it. why no respite or care assistance at all?

meltedmarsbars Tue 20-Oct-09 22:52:49

Putting off using the hoist is just me denying the inevitable, I think sad.

What will it be like when she is 16? (assuming she gets that far)

sarah293 Wed 21-Oct-09 08:07:01

Message withdrawn

2shoescreepingthroughblood Wed 21-Oct-09 08:48:20

i have just started hoisting again today, dd is 14 and tbh I often lift as it is quicker, but I get a lot of problems and pain cos of it.
she doesn't mind being hoiseted and I think the secret is amaking sure you have the right sling.(I always hoist in and out of the bath)

glittery Wed 21-Oct-09 10:08:34

that wisnae bad marsbars!
and snap! am also 5 fit nuthin an huvin tae dae it on ma ain wi a wean (west coast!) like a sack a tatties!! grin

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