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Speech Delays and Sensory Issues

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WasUnderThirthy Tue 20-Oct-09 20:44:35

My 2.4 dd has " sensory issues" which are in the process of being dx. She also had GDD, and a 6 month delay in expressive language, and a little less in receptive. She tends to put things in her mouth, and her OT says she might do it because she would need the extra stimulation. My dd also overstuffs her mouth when she eats, which she finds hilarious btw...My question is I wonder if the sensory issues could be related to her delay in speech production. Any one experienced the two and think they are related? If so can anything be done for help? We are on a loong waiting list for speech therapy...

claudialyman Tue 20-Oct-09 21:26:40

Hi am no expert but my son has issues with both. Ive been told they are related in his case and from what ive read on the subject it certainly makes sense. Can i reccomend the books:

The Out-of-Sync child - v readble and popular and has some stuff on how speech links to the other senses incl oral tactile.

The sensory processing disorder answerbook - dont know if it covers your query specifically. a v practical Q & A type litle book with answers to 250 questions on sensory issues.

both reasonably priced on amazon.

best of luck

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