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Advice please re: IEP legalities

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stillfrustrated Tue 20-Oct-09 11:00:33

Hi, I hope someone can help. At the moment we have an incredibly difficult time with school re ds's education. DS has ASD and has had a statement since 4 (he's now 9). School has gone through major changes recently due to being earmarked for closure, this combined with being mainstreamed out of ASD unit 2 years ago and decline overall with ds means we feel he needs new amendments on statement. We are currently dealing with this, however I asked head for IEP until statement is finalised. IEP we were given was pathetic, I wrote a letter saying not balanced enough, no specific targets, no specific resources or strategies listed. I was told by head that he was happy with IEP and that this stands, also head said ASD liaison officer was also happy with IEP. I called liaison and this was a lie. I am thinking of complaining to governors but wondered if we have legal right to make input in IEP? Help!!!angry

bigcar Tue 20-Oct-09 11:15:36

not sure, the statement itself is legally binding so the IEP should reflect that, but if the statement isn't up to scratch......? I would call IPSEA and get some informed advice. Hth

BobbingForPeachys Tue 20-Oct-09 11:22:57

Yep, IPSEA or alternatively there is also SOS!SEN, and the NAS education line here (because wondrous as IPSEA are (and sos!sen) they can be hard toreach)

I would complain to the Governors about the lie absolutely; we didn't when we had similar and it snowballed so nip it now,and assert yourself as someone to be reckoned with.

stillfrustrated Tue 20-Oct-09 11:32:24

Thanks for the advice, I have been trying IPSEA all morning, without success. I will try SOS now, I've also left details with NAS for call back but this can take up to 10 days!!!!shock

I am boiling at the minute and will defo have to write a letter to governors, this is not first time head has lied to us, he said ds had bruising because he fell even though ds said he had been hurt by another child, it later turned out ds was right and this child ended up leaving the school because he was caught in the act kicking my lad in the head!

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