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Admission and statementing - primary school 2010/11

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laumiere Mon 19-Oct-09 20:57:21

OK DS1 (who has diplegic cerebral palsy and possibly a LD) was 3 in May and is due to start school in Jan 2011 but for statementing purposes we have to apply as if he's starting in Sept 2010.

In Lewisham admissions for mainstream schools starting in Sept 2010 we have to start applying in Nov 2009 (Jan deadline). However DS1's statement requirement letter has only just gone in so we won't know at the time of application whether we'll get any 1:1 funding for him (which he would need almost constantly to attend mainstream schools). There's also no guarantee he'll be offered a place at a special school as places are limited. He can walk but can't talk, travel from class to class, toilet or eat alone.

1. Should we just apply to special schools?
2. If we do 1. are we still on the same admissions timetable as everyone else?
3. We're fairly sure that DS1 can cope intellectually with MS but has physical barriers. How can we prove this?
4. How can we improve chances of getting 1:1?

TotalChaos Mon 19-Oct-09 21:56:11

If the system is same as it is ooop north, the systems for admission to special schools will be completely different, and will run on a separate, and almost certainly later timetable. So I would apply for m/s, then as the medical professionals get involved with statementing, start talking to and visiting special schools, and make your mind up as to what your preference is. one of the things an ed psych will look at is how able your DS1 is in terms of learning, in terms of physical barriers I imagine it would be a paed and/or OT that would advise.

Not really got experience of the 1-1 issues; so can only comment generally about looking at the draft statement with a fine tooth comb, and getting advice from an independent body such as ipsea or sos:sen about the wording.

lou031205 Mon 19-Oct-09 22:06:35

We are at similar stage, admission 2010, just had letter agreeing to assess from LEA.

Special schools can only be accessed via statements.

Regardless of schools applied for in main admission round, you have the right to state a school of choice (as long as suitable) on Part 4 of the statement.


1. Have a look
2. No, you will need to get tacit agreement from LEA that SS is best option before getting a place.
3. Ed psych will assess. Paed input also. Preschool reports too.
4. Doubt this would be a major issue, given dx, but don't know.

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