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Can i request ds1 has a extra year at primary?

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janmumto5 Mon 19-Oct-09 08:32:07

I am really worried my ds1 isnt ready for high school yet!!

He has learning disabilities,adhd and seems to have language processing disorder of some kind am awaiting appointment to get this looked into/help for this.

He has no road sense whatsoever,very immature for his age,quite behind learning wise,very easily influenced,no personal hygiene skills at all,very bad memory.

I am having a meeting with the education phychologist today at my home to discuss Adam as im trying to get him statemented atm he is on school action i have been told because he is border line on his assessment levels when he has been tested this doesnt qualify for a statement so im about to fight this as he needs statementing for personal needs in my eyes not just educational needs.

Will i sound daft asking the ed phych to defer Adam from high school for another year or can it be done?

leamac Mon 19-Oct-09 09:23:53

Hi there

sorry can't answer your question but you posted my very thoughts, my son has dcd, has no road sense, poor motor skills, poor hygiene, eating habits, i too feel it would benefit him if he was kept back from high school, hope we get some answers, I don't know if the school can legally keep them back.

fingers crossed

misscutandstick Mon 19-Oct-09 10:14:42

Last year when I went to parents eve, the head and a mother were walking down the corridor, and i overheard the head say "yes, hes come on in leaps and bounds since he has been deffered that year" - this is the primary site of a 3-18 school. So i know it CAN be done.

However i have heard that in certain counties the council wont pay for an extra year, so, there sometimes has to be a year missed. EG missing yr7 and go straight to yr8, or missing the last year of school.

This may not be the case for all counties.

Im sorry i dont have more info, hopefully someone will be along soon who does.

misscutandstick Mon 19-Oct-09 10:16:41

Incidentally i would like DS5 to be deffered for y1, and have an extra year in reception, due to GDD/learning difficulties. so i too an interested in this thread and will watch with interest.

janmumto5 Mon 19-Oct-09 10:58:08

I will update once the ed phychologist has left it be rather rude of me i suppose to ask him to type reply to everybody on here while he is here mind no harm in asking lol (o/j)

I suppose hard bit is all his school friends will be going high school to and will question why he isnt he is terrfied poor lad i just want to grab him and cuddle him but he desnt do cuddles with mummy that often any more

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